The nearest I could make to a cheeseburger!

I searched the supermarket for fat free cheese. It obviously doesn’t exist! I did manage to find some virtually fat free Quark……it said it was soft cheese. It was on offer at 50p a pot in Morrisons so I bought a couple. It was more like a thick yoghurt.

I placed a fine meshed seive on top of a bowl, put a coffee filter inside that and placed the Quark in there and left if for a day. 24 hours later, the bowl was half full of water or whey and what was left was the consistency of cream cheese. I crushed a clove of garlic and stirred that through with a sprinkle of parsley and some salt. I now have, as far as I’m concerned garlic cream cheese and no fat! I made meat balls from a burger recipe of finely diced onion, egg, some chilli flakes, cumin and paprika, formed them into golf ball sized ball and baked them on a tray with a wire mesh so the fat ran out. It was also low fat minced beef. I made the dressing from fat free mayonaise and lemon juice.

It felt really indulgent and tasted lovely. Dearly Beloved had the same with twice as many meatballs and a mound of chips! Weightloss week 1 – 10lbs! I know….crazy, and just shows how much I was stuffing my fae with yummy but fattening food previously!


24 thoughts on “The nearest I could make to a cheeseburger!

  1. fab idea – i have just started (again) a very strict diet which is grain, sugar, carb free – doesn't leave much! had a plain burger tonight but wanted so much a big dollop of red sauce with it (not allowed) – definitely going to try the 'cream cheese' idea. thanks


  2. Wow, well done on the weight loss, that's a great start!
    I'm counting old WW points at the moment as I lost 27lb last year but have since put back on 7lb of that in the past 6 months, so doing it slowly again!


  3. well done you! Very impressed with your disciplined dieting. Confident that by the end of term you will be very svelte!
    I know that having some protein is important to maintaining weight loss, and you seem to have got it right.
    blessings x


  4. Losing 10lb is one week must, in part, be due to fluid loss, since burning an excess of 5,000 calories a day does not seem likely. You've obviously made a fantastic start, but don't get discouraged if your body reabsorbs water and you go through a slow patch.


  5. Hi salis grano – not eating carbs means I don't crave them, I could eat half a cake in a sitting, or an entire pack of biscuits, now I can go meal to meal without craving starch……eskimos don't eat bread, they don't die, infact they basically just eat meat


  6. FG, well done. You are an inspiration
    for all of us! Ten pounds even with water weight is doing great! Rosieposie suggested a frugal cookbook. I think she has a great idea. I think with all the cutbacks
    and increased cost of food about 50%
    here at present. You could do well
    offering a book with recipes and the
    many ways you can teach others to save. You have so many wonderful ideas.


  7. It's brilliant the Dukan diet isn't it. I lost 7lbs in my first week doing it but you've done even better, I started with just 2 protein days before switching to alternating days.

    My only problem was I only ever ate chicken and fish, and the sheer volume of these that I consumed during the Dukan Diet pushed me over the edge into vegetarianism, so I had to leave the diet or run the risk of not having many choices of foods. But with what I learnt whilst on the diet my weight has remained pretty constant.

    Quark, low fat fromage frais and cottage cheese are all pretty much interchangeable in recipes, something else I learnt whilst on the diet!! (And they can all be made either savoury or sweet, with the addition of salt, herbs and spices or sweetener.)

    Sue xx


  8. That's a great loss! can you do that diet as a veggie?

    I used to make cheese like that when I used to make yoghourt the old way. The alternative is to make cream cheese by heating up milk, curdling it with lemon juice and putting it through sieve. You'd have to look up recipe unless I can find it.


  9. 10lbs in one week – wow! go you. I can highly recommend the Extra Light Philadelphia soft cheese – very yummy. Also, low-fat cottage cheese – various flavours and extremely tasty. I made a cottage cheese pizza last week and it was gorgeous.


  10. I watched Dr. Oz's show telling all about it yesterday. I have tried everything else to no avail.What have I got to loose besides a few pounds,if I'm lucky.I lost another friend last night,my age,due a to heart attack.I need to get myself in better shape with less stress somehow.


  11. your 'cheeseburger' looks delicious much nice than Macs could turn out, you have such good idea's. Well done on the weight loss I must read up on the Dukan diet and see what its all about. My friend is doing Slimming World and is doing quite well on that but nothing like you. you are an inspiration x


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