An almost free lunch.

 The cheapest place to buy diesel is at the supermarket and the most convenient to my journey is run by Tesco. I save their points with the clubcard and about once every month or so, they send me £5 in Clubcard vouchers. I then save them until I have £10 of voucher. If you then log onto the Tesco clubcard website, you can treble the value of these by exchanging them for rewards voucher. I changed my £10 of vouchers, that could be spend on £10 of goods in Tesco for £30 of Cafe Rouge vouchers.

 I can’t actually remember the last time Dearly Beloved and I went out to a restaurant, it certainly wasn’t this year, and it wasn’t any time last year so it was probably 2009! It was lovely! I had a salad with chicken, bacon and egg and DB had a steak. It cost us £3.25 for a litre bottle of sparkling water and the diesel to get there!

Not free, not entirely frugal but what a treat to sit down, have some one else do the cooking and more importantly……someone else do the washing up! I noticed other people paying with their Tesco reward vouchers and I will go back when I’ve saved some more.


12 thoughts on “An almost free lunch.

  1. I do this too, and my eldest and I go for a treat every so often, and thwre are so many peopel payign in vouchers of some kind whther tesco or money off discounts, no one bats an eyelid – i think frugal is “in” lol


  2. There are no supermarket fuel stations on this island (Lewis) and, although we have a very small Tesco, neither are there any outlets of any description for which one can exchange Tesco vouchers for reward vouchers. Don't come here if you enjoy shopping. On the other hand it's easy to be frugal because there's not much to spend your money on!
    When I last looked, diesel was £1.519 a litre and petrol was £1.469. It actually went UP after the 1p cut in price…


  3. We funded most of our holiday activities last year through Clubcard vouchers; days out and restaurant meals. I am trying to keep my grocery spend down so hopefully I won't have so many this year!


  4. We always go for the Pizza Express vouchers. We then treat ourselves to a day in Bath, with a walk along the riverside, some window shopping, a look at the abbey and a pizza dinner for the three of us. What a treat!


  5. We're re-fitting the bathroom at the moment, replacing the suite that I installed nearly 30 years ago.

    We've used Tesco vouchers to pay for tiles from “Topps Tiles”. The exchange rate is £15 for every £5'worth of vouchers.


  6. Ive just used sainsburys nectar points to help buy a new shredder from argos as last one was originally purchased compleatly with nectar points from argos at a price of £14.99 plus extra cover for 3years of £2.99 wasn't sure if it was worth it at time but glad I did, that cover ran until june this year so off we went to argos where we were offered gift vouchers to the value because they no longer stocked it. We chose a new one priced £34.99 gift voucher off leaves £20.00 I had £15.00 in nectar points leaves £5.00 to pay plus extra cover for 3 years higher priced item so £8.99 for this so £13.99 to pay. got to save were we can because everything is becoming a considered purchase.


  7. as they say all work and no play …
    its nice that Mr T helped pay for a nice meal out, lord knows he makes enough money out of us all how much profit was it .
    Glad you had a good time, hows the greenhouse coming along?


  8. i love this site!! no shame in being frugal if you ask me! i love eating out but i love the 50%/2 for 1 restaurant discounts even more 🙂
    speaking of treating yourself on discount vouchers… they're huge now! everyone seems to be using them. i just got a £12 voucher for 2 people: 2 cocktails and a sushi platter at ukai (valid for the next 3 months) from this new online discount site… i thought it was ridiculously amazing! planning on taking the boyfriend on a date with it.. he loves sushi! soo if you want to take dear beloved (i love the title btw) out again… you can buy from there! its great.


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