Hey big spenders!

 Hello again,

My day started with us both standing in a big blue box (not at the same time) and saving our water, we watered our flowers, veggies and hanging baskets. I washed my hair today (don’t fret….I use Faith in Nature, so all eco) , which took twice as much water as yesterday. I’m not sure how this is going to work when I’ve got seconds to spare as I have to leave for work at 6.30 am? I may only get to save water at the weekends or I’ll have to get up even earlier.

We had a fun morning as the local cricket club had a car boot sale this morning. After all the shenanigans of bucketting water around the house and garden, we arrived at 10.30 to find the sale in full swing. I bought…..

 a red bucket for 10p, it will be all part of my water and money saving plan.

 I bought a 50cm high shrub, exactly the same as the one in the photo. I paid £2.50 for that.

 I bought a foxglove for £1.

I also bought a kilo of rhubarb for £1……………delicious stewed and eaten with custard. I’m trying to fill the garden with beautiful plants and I’m obviously doing that by spending as little money as possible. The foxgloves grow really well in a shady spot and my ‘front’ garden is north facing, spends most of the day in shade and will look wonderful with a border backed with tall foxgloves. The shrub/Weigela Florida Variegata will thrive in the warm sunny front garden which is in full sun, all day long. I think I had a good morning for £4.60. What have been your star purchases from jumble sales or car boot sales recently?


18 thoughts on “Hey big spenders!

  1. Oh I love Car Boot Sales but am trying not to spend at mo:)

    I love your purchases, esp bucket. We have started leaving tubs to catch water from taps or at times like tooth brushing and we have so far saved a watering can full today. This is very interesting….

    I didn't know that Foxgloves can grow in shady areas. This is very helpful as we have a shady part in our back garden where I want to grown beautiful cottage style flowers ..So foxgloves would be perfect. Thanks FQ!

    Sft x


  2. Well yesterday we were selling at the Car Boot sale and not really supposoed to be buying, but I got tempted by a Dvd for £1, which we will sell for the same price once we have watched it and a brand new blouse for me for £1.20, but my best purchase was a set of Spa Sanctuary body creams in a display box still sealed for £1, I saw the same one for sale in Boots the day before for £16.50….well chuffed with that purchase then!!

    Sue xx


  3. The Hubbo bought a Bernina 900 sewing machine, and now I want to learn how to quilt. I spent more on the mat and cutter, and other goodies than he spent on the machine. About 10 times more. sigh.


  4. Doesn't take me long, or use much water, to wash my hair as it's only a few mm long. Don't suppose you'd be too keen to get yours cut like that though, even if it meant saving money and resources… 🙂


  5. Now Froogs, if you are REALLY taking this water saving seriously, I think you SHOULD stand in the bucket and shower together! [mind you, that might take longer]

    Enjoy the rhubarb!


  6. Please share your rhubarb recipes! We get the stuff for free. The idiots who live next door have lots of it that their elderly aunt planted. They do nothing with it, so I reach through the fence and cut it for us. I always cut back the leaves in order to be sure the dog doesn't eat them anyway.

    The kids got the house for free and don't take care of it at all. Very sad! So I don't feel guilty for pilfering their rhubarb.


  7. I'm glad you're not asking for the name of this shrub, because I couldn't remember if it was welegia or wegelia or the something else! We have one on our north side and it's very windy there too. I cut it down and back a bit every year and it carries on performing beautifully, so it's obviously a tolerant shrub. Thanks for the water saving reminder yesterday; it got me tightening up my strategy, although I'm glad to say our water bills are much lower than your (extortionate) ones.


  8. My bargain purchases from table top sale were all child related. An ELC Tape Measure for the kids 50p, even on ebay they go for nearer £3 without cost of postage. Also picked up a lovely pop up tent for £2.50 to replace the rubbish one I bought a couple of years ago. I love carboots etc, cheaper than CS (well my local CS are quite expensive) and less stuff going to land fill. What's not to like?!


  9. Sat. morn I hit 3 garage sales: for $.50 cents U.S., got a bag chock full of colorful little stegosauruses for the grandgirls to play with while learning to add/subtract. Also got a heavyweight, like-new 100% cotton blanket for only $5. LOVE finding things we need for next to nothing considering the quality…LOVE finding things that are just nice to have, like the math manipulatives, at a price we can afford. Besides, buying used is better for the planet, eh?!


  10. Hey Froogs,
    Car booted this morning at Farndon, bought butter nut squash plant, marrow plant (60p the two), 4 X wood working books – £2 and a DVD (50p) and received numerous requests n questions about Willow!! Just love car boots.


  11. We went to a car boot yesterday and I found books for T for 10p each and beloved got something for his scope for a couple of quid which would normally be at least 4/5 times more from a shop x


  12. and the extra advantage of foxgloves is that if you're lucky they will self seed year on year to keep giving you beautiful flowers for years to come – now that's what I call value for money 🙂


  13. Yesterday's car boot was the first of the season for me (fair weather booter, me) I picked up a large bag of mixed fabric 50p, 2 tops for me £2, a bag of wooden elephants 50p and a couple of books for the granddaughter 30p. Oh and a stick blender, for soap making 50p. Where could I get all that entertainment for £3.80.

    Nice bucket.


  14. I am curently avoiding car boots and making dosh from all the garbage that I posess on ebay. Always the one to be “late to the party” Ic cannot believe how much extra income my trash is making me!


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