Don’t replace, renovate instead.

Downstairs loo cabinet, after the ‘paint job’

 Hello everyone,

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, the day was rounded off with Foster Mummy and Man Wonderful coming over for supper. They were just what I needed after a ‘funny old day’ and they have left me feeling ‘treasured’.The dogs had a play date when Max came too. It was a delight to have good friends over for supper who enjoy the simple things if life and take us how they find us.

 Today has been a fruitful day of doing up what we have. I have painted the bathroom and the downstairs loo. The cabinet came with the house as was 1970’s orange pine. I had some Farrow and Ball French Grey paint so I gave it a couple of coats of that. I’ve been cleaning and getting spare rooms ready as the ‘kids’ are home tomorrow. I got a bargain from Aldi when I last went of a boned out, stuffed and prepared turkey for £7.99 and as I have five to feed tomorrow, it will be just right. If there’s anything left, I’ll be doing creative things with the leftovers.

 The bathroom and loo have been rejuvenated, we didn’t need to buy any paint for those rooms and we just used what we had. Our front gate is a rusty mess and needed some work. Dearly Beloved took it off the hinges for me and scraped all the rust off with a wire brush and left me to paint them. We did have to buy some Hammerite paint for the gate and the small tin we bought still has plenty left for any touch up work, or in case I’ve missed anything.

 Here’s the before.

 Here’s the after.

Here’s Froogs, busy as ever and enjoying any work that requires being out in the sun. So, do tell, what have you renovated recently to save you from buying new?

Until tomorrow,



20 thoughts on “Don’t replace, renovate instead.

  1. Love the colour of you gate, make a change from the usual black. Bathroom cabinet is pretty good too. I have a little drawer and hook unit I brought back from the USA some years ago. I was going to paint it to go with the walls in the kitchen, but when I put it up against the cupboards it almost matches them, so I have left it. I would love to paint the doors of the kitchen units but its not my house, so I have to leave them alone.

    How nice to have likeminded freinds for dinner last night, I am sure they really enjoyed themselves…..


  2. well done! absolutely love the stone wall and plantings too. hmmnn, recently fuzz-busted a top by using a clothes shaver to get all the little pills off. does that count as a renovate instead of toss project? 😉


  3. I love the colour of the little cabinet. I visited husband's aunt the other week, she is in a delightful Georgian house and it has that sort of faded green, a heritage colour. I'm thinking of doing something like that in my house so am glad you published this.

    Aldi were selling metal paint, very cheaply, recently.


  4. Hi froogs so glad you have had a great time with your friends..nothing beats it..i love the cabinet looks gorgeous..that gate is stunning..i have recently redone all my picture frames..i got wallpaper samples for free,really expensive and designer,something i could never afford..i got a few sample pots of moonlight white emulsion and spent days painting and putting them in groups to find the right combination..they look lovely and really stand frames but now look carried away and did the entire houses picture frames..nevermind it kept me busy for a few days lol..
    love to you and yours


  5. I keep looking at our coffee table; it's dark wood with cabriole legs and is looking very battered; I just need to get it sanded (I mean get D to sand it) and then I'll be painting.


  6. That gate is a gorgeous colour! We decorated our bathroom about a month and a half ago and I was hankering after a new black mirror which was around £20. After some thought, I decided to renovate our existing one by decoupaging the surround with some of the wallpaper we had used in the bathroom. Et voila! A renovation which cost us nothing and also used up some wallpaper scraps, as well as providing a mirror which matches the bathroom perfectly! Glad to hear you had a lovely evening – I agree – simple pleasures shared with friends are ones to treasure.


  7. We have painted our arbour and conservatory walls.

    My 75 year old father is renovating our patio-just started without being asked by it looks great.

    And we are developing our cottage garden area for the summer.

    Thanks to this glorious weather.

    Sft x


  8. I do like your cabinet, looks very chic and expensive.
    Latest revamp? Our work gloves really take a bashing;handling all the wood for testing and debarking over the winter and yesterday stacking 3 bush cords of wood. They wear out very quickly but with a wrapping of duct tape over the holey bits they go on for ever!
    Jane x


  9. went to the new BHF charity furniture shop that has just opened in town and got two pine bedside tables for £25 each. (Prices are quite high in our affluent suburban area so that was a good deal – and new would have been close to £250). They are nasty varnished pine at present but I will paint the base in a nice Farrow and Ball ivory colour (only using own brand equivalent paint) and then I will strip the varnish off the top and oil it instead – that way we will be able to put cups of tea down on the surface without leaving marks.

    I really like it when I can get what I want without buying new. Even if what you buy is as green as possible, there is still lots of embedded energy involved in its production. So that's Easter Sunday taken care of


  10. I'm trying to renovate an old lilac bush by pruning and grubbing out the suckers. Does that count? It's pretty far gone and in a hard place to access (too close to the house), so it's quite the job.

    I have some old, mismatched dining chairs that I'm going to paint black. I've got one of them prepped to paint so far. Today would have been a good day to paint, except for the lilac. If I wait any longer, I won't even be able to get near it.


  11. Your gates bring back memories of the house I grew up in as a child – my grandparents had uses bibs and bobs of old paint that they found at the rubbish tip and the gates were this exact same colour 🙂

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family today.


  12. hi froogs, i love your blog, missed it yesterday. iM all for doing things up,i think we live in a throw away society which isnt good. We found a pine bureau at a car boot sale exact size colour and type we needed, just needed tidying up, looks great in the lounge, only cost ten pounds, even better, keep the frugal tips coming froogs,


  13. Your cabinet and gate look amazing, I bet the gate was a bit fiddly. I can thoroughly recommend the paint from Aldi for £3.99, I have just blogged my “new watering cans”. Tomorrow we are painting the shed with a large tin of Cuprinol we found from last year.

    Happy Easter
    Karen x


  14. I have bricks from nearly an entire chimney in my back yard waiting to be recycled into a BBQ and borders for my “edible landscaping” beds.

    The gate looks very good. Amazing what some paint will do!


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