Make do and paint!

 I had a ‘good wife’ (though I’m not married) day today. Everything is cleaned, so no cleaning to do. The gardening has been done; what needed planting is planted. I moved onto indoor jobs. I’ve started on the painting. I washed down walls, sanded down wood work in the upstairs bathroom and downstair loo. I’ve got two coats of paint onto the loo walls and I’ve put one coat onto the wood surfaces. I’m feeling very proud of myself. I’ve dug the old paint out of the garage and it will have to do. I don’t have any gloss for the wood work but the brilliant white ‘silk’ paint covers wood and metal, so it says, and will do just fine for the wood work. The cabinet will be painted ‘French Grey’, as is my hall table and my bedside drawers, and anything else that needs a coat of paint until I use up all of the paint! I won’t be wasting any.

 I deserve a drink……………..pimms anybody?

Froogs in her summer house/Hillside Inn.

 Well alright, you’ve got me there. I have a cheaper alternative. Austin’s from Aldi. All the supermarkets seem to be making their own version of Pimms, along with some Aldi lemonade, which tastes remarkably like Schweppes. It’s an indulgence at almost £5 a bottle, but what a treat after a long way on a paint roller!

Thanks for all the ‘wedding’ comments. I wish them a long and happy marriage and a lovely day but I will be sticking to my ground and I’m afraid we won’t be going. We don’t feel bad, we’re just related and we get invited out of polite tradition; the most important people to them will be their immediate family and friends.

So bloggettes? What do you substitute with a cheaper alternative and what can you just not substitute?


30 thoughts on “Make do and paint!

  1. I've found a decent boxed wine that we can get here. (Bota Box–some years their Merlot is good, some years the Chardonnay, etc.) I will NOT substitute for imported Parmesan. A little of the good stuff gives far more flavor than a whole Kraft Parmesan cannister.


  2. teabags – I need tetley or pg tips but will stockpile when discounted!!! Everything else I think I can sub ,,,,, clarkes shoes for weeny girl but thats it I think!!!


  3. That's a lovely relaxed photo of you in the Summer House Froogs. I've been decorating today as well – stripping the gloss off with Nitromors and sanding. I now look like a snowman and am just about to head into the shower.

    Like Eeek, teabags have to be Tetleys but stockpiled when on offer and a girl can't be without a litre of proper Baileys at Xmas, again bought when on offer.


  4. I vote for the litre of Baileys at Christmas too – bought in whichever supermarket has it at half price. However, if the family are round and we have “proper” coffee after the meal, then those who want a dollop of Baileys in it get offered a bottle of £3.99 substitute. Real Baileys gets saved for extra special occasions and is not put in coffee.

    ps Sainsburys has 1 litre bottles of Baileys at £9.59 at the moment if you have lots of Nectar points to spare…


  5. I buy Ringtons tea but had so much stockpiled I had to put a hold on the delivery. They deliver too early, leave a note and then you're stuck with it.

    I might try Lancashire tea when I've used this as it's only £1 in Home Bargains. Then if I don't like it I can go back to my Ringtons delivery, making sure they only leave me a smaller pack.

    I went to a funeral today of a young boy, a neighbour. They closed the comp school at 2.30 so his year could attend. There were twice as many people outside the crem as inside. I was amazed at the dignity and respect those pupils had, they lined the driveway whilst the funeral car drove through, heads bent. They were a credit to their school and parents.


  6. Hi Froogs – must say i have been following your blog but have never commented .. !
    I do like a pimms but am yet to try the Aldi version, i do however buy their lemonade and your right it does taste like the more expensie one..
    Cant do without Pg tips for my cuppa ..
    P.s any good biscuit recipes for using up oats ?
    Take care

    sam 🙂 x


  7. peanut butter, i only buy australian made, the alternative…chinese…that goes for any food from china, i avoid it like the plague incase it carries…the plague, lol, ive watched some of those shows where they are “making eggs” in a bucket of chemicals, i just dont trust any food from china.

    thats about it, everything else is cheapest i can get.
    …oooh, clothes pegs, there are so many rubbish ones, i like our sunshine brand spring pegs, dearer than some but much more sturdy.


  8. I find Sainsbury's Basics Rum goes down just as well with Lidl's coke as the more expensive versions 🙂
    Sadly the only think I can't compromise on is Cheerio's. I've tried own brand versions and they are just yuk.
    Still am up for compromising everything else 🙂


  9. I too can use any old tea (I like it black and so weak that I can't really tell much difference), but instant coffee has to be Douwe Egberts. It's regularly on offer somewhere or other though so like others I stockpile it then.


  10. I buy my reading glasses in the Dollar Store – for a dollar ! My eye-doctor says its perfectly o.k.
    wont hurt my eyes at all.
    If I ever buy vodka (I dont drink it but make vanilla essence with it ) I buy the cheapest which studies have shown is no different from the most expensive – it is all just marketing (russian names, fancy labels etc.)


  11. I have to have branded teabags – I have bought and tried all the really cheapo value ones, but I ended up getting a migraine from tesco value ones, so they are an expensive indulgence! At Christmas I buy a Radio Times – ever any other time, and I like to buy recycled loo paper, but apart from that I buy the very cheapest, and reduced/value where I can, or make my own! FM x


  12. For me,it's Twining or Miles Tea, Nescafe Gold Blend-only 2 or 3 mugs per week, sausages from the butchers, if I buy bread it is from local master bakers. I try to make real savings on special offers (stockpile), and end of day bargains, 14 mile round trip to major supermarkets, so try to shop when have another reason to use car, and buy fresh locally in between. You deserved that drink!


  13. Froogs! So much energy gal!

    I made some oaty ginger cookies yesterday, what do you mean by, 'Allow to cool?' LOL!
    They are good, TOO good! Although I wish I'd put a tablespoon of ginger in, instead of a dessertspoon, I got 30 out of the mix, only 22 left!!!!! Neighbour had one…..

    Sandie xx


  14. Nescafe Instant coffee, no other will do. If I can't have that I would rather drink water.

    I wait until it is on offer and then buy the cheapest jar. A couple of months ago the smallest jars worked out the cheapest!! I always look on the supermarket shelf label for how much per 100g as it varies EVERY time I buy it which sized jar or tin is the best value.

    I've found in the past when I mixed ALL the different dregs of coloured paint together for a last painting session that you get grey…every time you get grey, it actually looks quite good on furniture!

    You really earned that drink.

    Sue xx


  15. Your summerhouse looks lovely. Branston Pickle, it is one of the few branded items I buy – there is no substitute for the dub household. Baileys – the supermarkets do alternatives – Southern Mist is very nice x


  16. Sausages from Waitrose made with free range pork but they are often reduced just before their use by date so I fill the freezer. Sainsbury's will do at a pinch and only when on offer but I find any pork from Tesco is just vile. Lidl do some high meat content sausages but they don't taste of anything. Haven't tried Aldi

    I'm fussy about my sausages – best you couldn't tell


  17. Tesco Value Lemon curd is amazing and only 13p. I'm a bit of a diet coke addict and despite many people telling me the the supermarket versions are just as good they just taste like chemicals to me.

    I've cut down recently though I used to have at least a can a day (I'm strange I don't like it out of the plastic bottles but always stockple when they're half price) but I'm now on a can every couple of days hopefully someday I'll give up completey. I used to work with a woman who was seriously addicted to the stuff and at her peak drank 15 500ml bottles a day- all bought from the work vending machine at £1 ago- I shuddered at the thought of what she was doing to her bank balance not to mention her insides.

    I love the photo of you in your summer house- you look so relaxed.


  18. Isn't it funny how so many of us aren't prepared to scrimp on our fave tea/coffee! Us too….we're not bothered about which brand it is, but husband and I do prefer to have Assam tea – we like a strong tea with a good flavour, and none of the supermarket cheapy stuff tastes of anything, in our opinion. I also like strong, flavoursome coffee, although again I'm not bothered about brand, I just buy whichever good strong one is on offer at the time.

    As for cheapy stuff….breakfast cereal! I'll eat any old cheapo one, preferably a healthy type but even sugary chocolatey kids ones will do me! Husband on the other hand will only eat Kellogs Branflakes. However, even I can taste the difference between the real Cocopops and cheap supermarket ones….I'll still eat them though, they're fine with a banana sliced into the bowl.

    Sooze x


  19. Proper coffee (whichever brand is on cheap at Tesco) because it tastes so much better than instant. I'd rather drink one cup of decent coffee a day than several of instant.


  20. We like Ringtons or PG tea but in the coffee maker we have Aldi coffee bags, they are much nicer than the Senseo ones and soo much cheaper. Everything else is a compromise, whatever is on offer or cheaper.


  21. Must admit I do like good cheese – I've tried cheap cheddar but just don't like it. Aldi Fruit & fibre is good as is there parma ham and mozzarella – all a fraction of the price of branded ones. I have been foraging for wild garlic again, have chopped and frozen loads and won't be buying garlic bulbs for a long time.


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