It’s all gone to pot!

 I’ve spent today in the garden and my scorched and sun blockless face will suffer later! I’ve recycled the hanging baskets and they are now on their fifth year, the cardboard inserts were from Trago…………like Poundland but cheaper. The plants are from Aldi. I always ignore the ‘bedding plant’ signs and put them in baskets and pots. I buy French Marigolds to range in pots amongst the veggies to keep flies off them, plus the splash of gold is lovely. This now means I have to be vigilant for frost and dash the baskets into the poly tunnel if any is imminent.

 We bought 100 summer flowering bulbs for £1, and I’m starting them off in pots so I’ll have some ideas of what they are and where to go. If you read this DB……………they are for you! You were so taken with the flowers in your mum’s garden and mentioned that we should have more flowers. Let’s hope most of them flower, if not this year, then next. The lettuce have been grown from seed and are now outside. I have put seed into more pots for lettuce later on.

 I thought I would share the heat hazed view with you all. The bottom of my garden is still a mess. There used to be a tree blocking the view and the lack of view put off every buyer who came to our house. Now I have a view to sell with the house. We sold all of the wood too which paid for part of the cost of having the tree down. The bottom of the garden has a real woodland feel to it (even without the tree!) and it covered in bluebells. It’s lovely to be able to pick them and have them in the house……….I’m allowed, they’re mine.

I’ve weeded more of another border today and did battle with a huge red Phormium which I need to divide and spread around the borders, I’m also going to do the same with ornamental grasses and try and make what’s already there go further. Photos another day.

I’m off to knit in the late afternoon sun and enjoy where I live.


15 thoughts on “It’s all gone to pot!

  1. It has been lovely today hasn't it!
    I grow tomatoes in my hanging baskets, and potatoes in those bags you can buy from poundland that are meant for garden rubbish, I'm going to try and grow carrots in them this year!
    Julie xxxxxxx


  2. It all looks wonderful. You have a fantastic view, surely it will put some value on the house. That's what they're always saying on Location, Location, Location anyway!!

    That was a fantastic buy 100 bulbs for £1. 1p each…wow!

    Sue xx


  3. It has been a beautiful day. I wish I could have spent all day ou enjoying it and the garden. Good on you.

    Hope you enjoyed your chill out too.

    I still have lots of tubs and hanging baskets to do to. I like KC'sCourt have got tomatoes to plant in hanging baskets too. Can't wait.

    X x


  4. Lovely garden.
    I've also been planting today and as we only have a tiny yard mine was all in pots too. I've put in lots of herbs, salad leaves, tomatos, spring onions, peppers and chillis. I still have a big deep pot I want to find a fruit bush (preferably raspberry) for and also have room for a few more herbs or more salad leaves. It's amazing what you can do with very little space.


  5. Nice work Froogs and nice view. I've been out gardening today. There are bits of me that ache that I'd forgotten I had. Tomorrow I will pull out the last of my purple sprouting brocolli which I planted last year. Its really done me proud. These will be replaced by broad beans which are about 6 – 9″ high now. When these are finished next years purple spouting will be ready to go in. I get max yield from a very small plot. I grow in pots and containers too. The blue Ikea bags are good.


  6. Lovely outlook and beautiful garden, Frugal Queen. I'd love to be sitting there, reading a book and enjoying the view. (Though I doubt your idea of a heat haze would match mine – being from Australia.)


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