Who ate all the pies?

Blackberry and Apple pudding with 9p Tesco instant custard……………a bit sweet but delicious.

 Hello again,

I couldn’t resist sharing my kitchen endeavours today. I’ve had a lovely day (Dearly Beloved came home at lunchtime which greatly lifted my mood, I’m no good without him). I’ve laundered all the clothes, hung them out to dry and brought them in and they are ironed and put away! I’ve also mown the front and back lawns and weeded the paths in the back garden.

I cooked a lovely Sunday lunch of roast chicken. Usually, when we have a roast dinner, I plate up four lunches, we eat two and I reheat two on a Monday night, when I’ve usually worked late at school. There is no school tomorrow, but I batch cooked just as normal. If I’m going to use the big electric oven, then I want to get the most done for the cost of electricity.I cook the carrots, onions, potatoes and chicken all in the same pot. I steamed the broccoli but the rest gets cooked together. Here are the extra portions, cut up and ready to go into two chicken pies.

 I picked every scrap of chicken off the carcass. There is so much on a chicken that I used to feed four of us from one and still have enough for pie or curry later in the week.

 I’m still using up the Approved Foods, suet crust pastry. The tiny lumps of suet melt and create air pockets in the pastry and it is light and crispy. I must order some more. I added the meat and veg to the same pot and mixed up some instant Tesco Value gravy and stirred it all together.

 The result is a very chunky pie filling with a lovely gravy. Brush the edges with milk.

 Roll out and add the pastry lid.

 Trim off the excess pastry.

 I always bag up my extra pastry and, when I have enough, will make a quiche, pie or pasties……….even the tiniest bit is salvaged.

 The result is two fantastic pies, each one will make two meals for us. These will be wrapped in cling film and frozen until we fancy them.

 Just in case you’re interested…………….here’s the close up.

Even a lazy Sunday can be used to store away food for another day and make sure absolutely nothing is wasted.


23 thoughts on “Who ate all the pies?

  1. They look like gorgeous pies. We're almost running on empty in our house today, and in a fit of needing something sweet tonight I found some chocolate chips in the back of the cupboard and made chocolate cornflake cakes… any port in a storm!


  2. They look scrumptious.

    We had a pimms BBQ today. Not the most frugal but very enjoyable. As we eat as a large family the pimms only cost what the meat usually would. All the food was what I had in already.

    Now we have enough left overs to feed us until at least Thursday.

    Glad you had a good day. I'm exactly the same when hubby is away. He drives me dotty when he's here and I miss him like crazy when he's not!


  3. We have just finished our roast chicken dinner. Now I know what to do with the remaining chicken. Thank you for all your great ideas and frugal suggestions.


  4. Great looking pies! I am going to have to give that AF pastry a try! My favourite part of roast chicken is the pie afterwards, although I add bacon and use white sauce in mine.


  5. Hi Jane, so pleased you left another blog. Ive found hard up hester through your blog and through hers ive found, and am fascinated with shirley goode! I have gone right back through shirleys blogs and have written so many simple menus ive got writers cramp, or at least repetitive strain injury!! Cant thank you enough, with kind regards.


  6. Fantastic, now I can see them and imagine the smell wafting through the house, good job my imagination works well. Glad you put up the finished product, just like I imagined it. Oh well better get moving, no holiday here today but have five days over Easter as we have the Tuesday off for Anzac Day, looking forward to being very productive over the break, but enjoying some family time in between. Thanks for sharing. xxx Teresa


  7. You're right about there being so much meat on a chicken, we (2 of us) get several meals out of one chicken, plus the carcass boiled for stock, which then makes a great soup base.

    I never thought of using left over veg in a chicken pie, what a fantastic idea. Thank you again FQ for great inspiration.

    Sooze xx


  8. They look delicious..i have had roast chicken for sunday lunch and have the leftovers in my fridge ready for tea tonight..chicken salad with HG veggies and HM bread rolls..lovely..
    going to bake today as today is the coolest day of the week..hubby at lottie this morning and looking after tots later so i can get cracking..
    enjoy the warm weather froogs..
    love to you and yours


  9. Everything tastes SO yummy in a pastry jacket I find. I've been turning all sorts of leftovers into pies recently.

    Yours look lovely and very professional. Mine always seem slightly 'rustic'!!

    Thanks for all the brilliant suggestions.

    Sue xx


  10. I bought the same suet pastry from Approved Foods, but my children didn't like it when made into dumplings. Thanks for the pie idea – I will give that a go. I bought two bags of pastry mix so I have to find a different way to use it up. Thank you also for introducing me to AF. I used to be a person who would not even consider using something past it's sell by date, but you have inspired me to save as much money as possible and this has been a welcome find x


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