Knitting when you’re not very good at it.

 Hi everyone,

I can not thank you enough for the kind words, I never feel as I deserve any of it. This blog is just a diary of day to day existence when you don’t have any money. It’s about a bumpy journey with some long dull days trying to fill themselves. I’m still astonished that any one reads it even more so that so many people are enjoying it. Thanks again for commenting, it’s good to know some one’s listening. If you’ve already become a follower, then many thanks and if you haven’t please try and help me get to 600 hundred followers. I’m hoping to make to one thousand by the end of the year. I know lots of people read as the ‘stats’ show the blog gets over 2,000 hits a day and it would be lovely to know who you are by becoming followers.

I’m home alone today. I was due to go to Bristol to see Dearly Beloved’s mum. We take the dogs with us and make it a long day by going there and back in the day. We go as often as we can. I’m home and emotionally drained after the anxiety of the last two days and just need to be quiet. I’m using the new skill that Foster Mummy taught me and I’m knitting my own rug. I’m a very bad knitter and it takes me ages as I get bored of anything repetitive and have to put it away. I love knitting as it’s something I can pick up and put down when I please. I thought I would show you today’s efforts.

 Each strip is from the body of one tee shirt, which I cut into lengths and then pull tight as I wind it into a ball. It’s very heavy to knit and my hands are aching from what I’ve done already. I’m knitting mine on my circular needles as 60 stitched fit easily onto this. It feels lovely, already like a door mat or bath mat.

 I’m loving the fact that these old tatty 50p each tee shirts will not go to landfill but are going to be put to good use. I hate waste and can’t bear the thought that people see clothes as disposable and get so little wear out of them All the clothes I have from charity shops are like new and I’m more than happy to take them away and wear them to give them another chance of being used. The tee shirt rug is like that. I could knit this for years, simply using up old tee shirts (that we got second hand in the first place) as they get too holey or scruffy to wear.

 You don’t have to be any good at knitting to make blankets or bath mats, this is about making something usable out of something that was going to be thrown away. It’s about conserving and being sustainable. In my case, it’s about having some fun and doing something I really enjoy and not worrying that I’m not very good at it.

What do you do, that you’re not very good at, that you enjoy and, as Columbo would say, just one more thing. If you’ve got any old tee shirts and want to see them put to good use and turned into my new door mat or bath mat, then email me on and I’ll send you my address. I’m off to have some more very cheap fun and knit with my feet up.

As every, until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


16 thoughts on “Knitting when you’re not very good at it.

  1. Nice colours, I assume it could be crocheted too, on the same principle? Don't see any reason why not, and I have a large crochet hook. I've been looking for wool recently to make a couple of patchwork blankets for winter – it's so expensive! Ebay is useless for wool, full of power sellers who want more than shop prices for it. Even the charity shops don't seem to have much, just the odd boring colour ball now and then (well, the ones round here are like that). So frustrating when I want to do something that I'm actually quite good at but haven't done for years, but can't get the materials cheaply enough to get on with it! Will just have to keep looking I guess.

    Glad you're having a nice relaxing and quiet day FQ, you certainly need and deserve it. And stop saying you don't deserve the comments….you most certainly do, you provide such help and inspiration to me personally and literally 100s of others.

    Hugs, Sooze xx


  2. No chance! I'm going to use them myself LOL!
    No doubt though that you will be inundated with tee shirts now!
    I've been thinking, that you could also use them on the grass like picnic blankets or on swing seats/benches.
    I'm going to make some pet blankets/beds too as they love the more natural fibres to lie on, especially when the've just been washed!
    The chopped off bits that don't make it to the knitting can be used for rug hookin, stuffed into the centre of cushion pads for own use/pets' use, or used as cleaning rags…… there must be hundreds of uses!
    Just thought of another one, making 'shredded cloth'that can be stitched and embellished to make art work or bags.

    My mind is buzzing with ideas now!

    Happy knitting and creating!

    Sandie xx


  3. Hi Angela, I am very kack handed and found holding the tee shirt very difficult when cutting it, it was easier for me to put in on the table and cut cylinder and then tie into one continuous length of material afterwards, I can poke the knots through to the 'wrong' side.


  4. That look as though it would be a great bathmat,easy to wash, and comfy on those bare tootsies!
    By the way…if you didn't deserve all the 'lovely' comments you wouldn't have got them.
    Jane x


  5. What wonderful ideas I am getting. Just about ready to throw out my favorite sweatshirt because it is now full of holes in the wrists and up the sleeves. Think I will now cut it up for rags. Big, big Saturday! No shopping, no movies or dinner out. And it is pouring rain, so no walks. But some sewing and movies on TV. Life is good.


  6. i like sandys patch idea of the picnic blanket, i might start on a patchwork one. im very kack handed too and have found crocheting easier than holding knitting needles. ive just made a 7inch square from a teeshirt that im using to wipe down the bench with, its quite firm, reckon it would be a good cloth to clean the car with. this has been a very inspiring project froogs. have a lovely day to yourself, ooh maybe sneak in a long bath (i wont tell)


  7. I go crazy when crocheting my little circular rugs. I don't want to put them down,once I get started,but I have never used the tees.I,too,hate throwing away anything that has a smiggen of life left to it. I made my dish drainer pads from old tattered tea towels. I love making them.I use pretty fabric on the outside(I never buy any new fabric though),tattered tea towels for the batting.They are like tiny quilts,and are useful for ironing small garments on the counter as well as draining my dishes on a large cookie sheet.


  8. I'm now hunting thru my Rag bag,looking for old Tee's i threw out for duster's,have just started cutting it into strip's,and cast on some stitches,i thought i would knit up squares for a rug for my Kitty!!what a great idea!!i don't have many old Tee's though!!will have to go search the Op shop's,great idea's coming thru on this,you have really started something now,once again F/Q you are a great insperation,xxx


  9. Wonderful idea…I've made a plaited one in the past….it's very thick and hard wearing 😀
    I've also linked to this post on the Down To Earth forums as we're all about frugality and green living there too.


  10. I've started mine now….on 2 10mm needles it's like knitting with 2 fence pailings! One tip if it's not to late is to slip the first stitch of every row i.e. slip it onto the right-hand needle without making a stitch as this gives the sides a tighter finish. It's also a good idea to do this when knitting washcloths and blanket squares etc …the edge looks so much better.
    Happy Easter holidays,



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