On the 13th day she went shopping!

I gave in today and went and did a week’s shopping and nearly fell over in shock as some prices have gone through the roof since I last went to Tescopoly! In case you are interested my week’s or actually as lot more than a week’s shopping cost £28.81. I bought cereal, veg, herbs, soya milk, quorn, veggie sausages, tinned pulses (ease of use for busy days) laundry soap and washing up liquid (all of Tesco’s natural range was drastically reduced e.g washing up liquid at 40p so I stocked up for months), frozen veg, frozen fish/pollack, loo rolls, sanitary products and I shouldn’t need to go again for the rest of the school holiday.

Foster Mummy is coming today…….I’m looking forward to the knitting and nattering and a vegan lunch. More later,



18 thoughts on “On the 13th day she went shopping!

  1. Well you did well..almost 2 wks with no shopping and £28 is good..i'm going today..only need bits for baking,going to look in reduced section too, so i have allocated some money..just hope the prices haven't gone up too much..
    enjoy your lunch..and natter and knitting..
    love to you and yours


  2. Well done on lasting so long. And all that for £28 is fab. I had my tesco shop arrive last night and it was a lot more than that!Plus it won't last that long with a house full of hungry teenagers to contend with.

    Enjoy your day.

    X x


  3. How on earth did you get that lot for only £28 – feel I have loads to learn. Am going to get a few bits tomorrow plus easter eggs for stepchildren and grandchildren. Can you give me any pointers? Do you use basic chopped tomatoes? Are they any good?
    Thanks for such a uplifting and imformative blog


  4. Well done – I have been cutting back drastically, mainly by total avoidance of supermarkets, but it has to be done sometimes – then I end up in their bargain basket buying a net of 4 rubber ducks for 6p – not sure how to cook them yet!
    Have a lovely time with FM!



  5. I have to give in today and do a big shop. I have managed to go for 20 days but I have had to pop to get milk/bread but most things have been used from freezer/stock. Might wait until after 7pm and try to get reductions 🙂


  6. Hey Froogs,
    Typical number 13 does it again :o)
    Seriously I cannot help but applaud how well you've done these past days, truly inspirational and now a visit by FM as a reward – have great day me dear, well both of you come to that.


  7. Hello lovely. I too did the Tesco, and I too was pretty horrified. Though it did seem slightly better than previously. Both Sainburybubbles and Tesco are having a cleaning product cheapy month, I think. I also stocked up – though I only have a small place and it is hard to keep lots of stuff. I have managed to get my shopping cost right down, largely because I have lost my appetite lately! (Handy when trying to save money) But I do notice it when R comes to visit (later today) and I have to get more stuff. I always think of you in the beauty product bit – not only because you are, of course, beautiful – but because I now always buy their cheap moisturiser since you posted about it last year. They have a new cucumber range since I was last there – 75p! Hoorah for that!

    xxx 🙂


  8. My shopping yesterday came to £51….I thought I'd been doing well but clearly need to sit down, think it all through and make some drastic changes. I did get a lot of store cupboard stuff though and shouldn't need to go again for a couple of weeks. God it's so hard FQ, I don't know how you do it.

    Have a lovely day with FosterMummy.

    Sooze xx


  9. I know you are not keen on Tesco, so why did you not go to Aldi or Lidl? You have converted me to Aldi.

    Another blogger has amazed me with the discounts they get from Asda. They have managed to get things like chicken portions for a s low as 10p. I would go myself but sadly we do not have an Asda anywhere near us.


  10. You did SO well to survive so long without visiting the 'bad place'. And then to come away spending only £28, amazing!!

    Have a lovely day, watch she doesn't get you working too hard on her new allotment.

    Sue xx


  11. WOW thats a brilliant shop Froog's sounds like you got some good basics there. Looking forward to seeing what delights you make with them. I have made your Cornish Pasties today and blogged them for you to see, they turned out “rustic” but very tasty. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your knit and natter with Fostermummy.

    Karen x


  12. Hi, I went shopping yesterday and could not believe how much things have increased – again – b******s to what they are saying on the tv about food prices not going up so much – stork margarine gone up 20p a tub since last week, was using this instead of buying one for cooking, one for eating etc. I have noticed too (I know you said it a few weeks ago) that Tesco have discontinued their 'discount' brands – used to buy the tinned tomatoes but no longer available – they are now about 20p a can more. Anyway, enough moaning – thank you for your inspirational blog – I made some hummus at the weekend which has made a lovely frugal lunch with some pitta bread from Sainsbury – only 35p a pack, bought some salad bits to go with it, yummy. Will rehydrate some more chick peas next weekend for the falafel. I am glad you had a good day – love the knitting idea.x


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