Ladies what lunch!

 Take two bloggers, Frugal Queen and Foster Mummy and some old tee shirts and some knitting needles from the charity shop.

Cut up some old tee shirts into thin strips and knit!

 The result is knitted carpet, door mat or just keep going for an entire stair carpet.

 The resulting ‘knitting’ is incredible fun, as was the gossip and womble around Liskeard for some more tee shirts for 50p each from the animal charity shop and then home for lunch. I made carrot and corriander soup, with Foster Mummy’s homemade savoury scones and some of my homemade hummus.

There is nothing as good as spending time with friends, eating cheap and tasty homemade food, a spending spree of £2 in a charity shop and time cooking and knitting together. It’s been a brilliant day. Tonight, Dearly Beloved and I are having great fun cutting up old tee shirts and turning them into knitting yarn. This is another frugal extreme, frugal extreme fun and frugal extreme knitting. Can this day get any better?


26 thoughts on “Ladies what lunch!

  1. now what i see is….
    your knitting picture looks like a hand bag, wouldnt that be brilliant!! and the disected tee looks like, mini skirt, crop top and leggings. bit of stretch lace on the hems and hello new outfit for teeny bopper.
    i reckon you could also knit/crochet a cool beret for winter.


  2. I need to learn to knit!!!! Great idea!!!! Frugal shopping sprees I love them!!! I used to have £5 days at the local car boot sales then reduced them to £3!!!! It was fabulous what you could come home with!!! I think rag rugs look great.


  3. Hi Froogs , looks like a perfect day :0)
    I'm crocheting a rug using t shirt yarn .Must blog it soon . I have too many things on the go at once !
    I love making things from scraps and today I've been making another cushion from that shawl I pulled down .
    Enjoy your holidays , you deserve a relaxing break .
    Jacquie x


  4. I did a crochet rug last year using t-shirts. You can only make a long length of yarn by cutting round in circles up to the bottom of the arm holes. I used the top of the shirts and the sleeves to make another rug by cutting them into pieces about 2″ x 3″. I then attached these pieces to a backing by machining them through the middle in rows about an inch apart. As I was sewing them I pushed them together to gather them slightly in the middle.
    I hope that makes sense, I wish I could send a picture. I ended up with 2 nice bathmats from a pile of very tatty old t-shirts.


  5. They look fantastic and now we are coming up to our winter, think I am going to go through the wardrobes and even pick through dear hubbies shed and see what t-shirts we have around the place. Not sure mine will look as lovely as yours is looking, will probably end up being considered rustic, but will start gathering supplies. You are such an inspiration. Thanks xxx Teresa
    Ps down your neck of the woods from 19th Sept for a week, so any hints on places not to miss would be lovely.


  6. What a great idea! I check charity shops for yarn, but never thought of
    using cloth. What size needles are
    you using? This sounds like a good idea for making some gifts in the future. I am glad that you and FM
    could have a day to relax and enjoy
    time together.

    Hope the rest of your break gives
    you more time for things that give
    you pleasure.


  7. Sounds like a wonderful day! I had a good day, too–my weekly pinochle game with 3 other friends. Sometimes we potluck lunch before the game. Fun!

    A friend cut strips from leftover quilt fabric and crocheted me a beautiful rag rug with a K hook. It is about 42 inches in diameter and absolutely stunning! Lots of purples and dark greens.


  8. What a wonderful idea to knit mats from old t-shirts. I have several rag rugs I use in my kitchen but would love to make more. What size needles to you use, Froogs and what width do you cut the strips into? Do you just knot the strips together?
    Lovely idea for lunch too. I just got my first Approved Foods order (over £140 worth of stuff for just over £40 including postal costs) so now I have 2 bags of the scone mix. And I know I have chick peas in the cupboard so I sense a hummous and scone lunch for us soon.


  9. Brilliant idea. I was thinking of where to buy a washable rug for the front door, but your idea is great, frugal and a lot more fun.

    You may have only spent £2 yesterday but time spent with good friends nattering and pottering is priceless.

    L xx


  10. What fun- having just found out how to make my own knitting needles aswell this would seem the ideal project to start with and I have a willing friend who's happy to try out frugal knitting with me. Woohoo!


  11. Days like this are fab. My good friend and I do this every few months. We spend a couple of quid but feel like we've had a spree. Then home for some nice food and an alcoholic ginger beer.


  12. Oh my that's amazing – now all I need to do is learn how to knit. Embarrassing that I come from a family of Knitters and my Mum owned a knitting shop in Kent for 10 years but hey ho! Knitting with t-shirt strips would be fab as I don't like the feel of wool between my fingers.


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