Using it up, getting out and putting our feet up Day 10.

 As I write, I’m sheltering in the summer house as the heat is extraordinary for this time of year. We left home early this morning, to head to Minnions to walk the dogs on the moor, to be greeted by hundreds of cars, runners and walkers who were taking part in a competition on Bodmin Moor. I hoped they survived the heat. We headed home, deeply annoyed that our moor was so crowded all of a sudden. Just as we were about to turn off to drive through St. Cleer and head back to Liskeard, we made a detour to Siblyback lake. It’s not my kind of place, full of water sports enthusiasts, mountain bikers and oozing with Volvos and Golden Retrievers! I always feel a scruffy oiyk around such people and we headed for the lake side walk. The dogs were soon defeated by the heat and we had to head back a lot sooner than I would have liked.

I’ll catch up with the walk later after I’ve given more instructions on sprouting seeds for salad. As you can see from the photo above, the seeds and beans have doubled in size. They then need rinsing under the cold tap.

 Below, is my sprouter. It costs a stupid amount of money, maybe even ten pounds but I have had it for years and years. You layer the seeds onto each layer and the secret is to keep them wet. Remember, this is indoor gardening and they need looking after.

 Every day, you take the layers apart, run them under the cold tap and put them back in the cupboard.

 I sprout mine in a dark cool place. I’ll blog the sprouting every day to show you each update. It takes three to five days. Today, is day 2 of the sprouting process.

 Back to the morning walk at Siblyback lake. It’s 15 minutes away from where I live and well worth the £3 all day parking. Get there very early, or go in the evening. It’s a brilliant place to take teenagers who can learn to sail, canoe etc. We’ve never afforded to do any of the activities we see others doing but it’s wonderful to see young people having the times of their lives. The three mile walk around the lake is gravel pathed, it’s flat and a very easy walk and you don’t need special boots. Do watch out for the total to**ers on mountain bikes who do it a break neck speed with the intention of killing walkers. I like to walk slowly, in the middle of the path and chat to the anglers and old folk on the benches. Why they need to do it in lycra with camel packs when I can do the bike ride in a flowery frock on my Miss Marple bike with my little dog in the basket on the front.

 I’m going to go again this week, I’ll try and get there by eight in the morning so it’s cooler for the dogs. They kept needing to stop and drink the water. I would have happily bimbled around slowly as the walk and view is just stunning. I’d also paid £3 and I like to stay a few hours and feel as if I got my money’s worth. I felt cheated when I had to leave after an hour.

 I took the photo of the chap, in the lake, fishing for trout to get the scale of the lake. Bodmin Moor is in the back ground and I just marvel at the stunning countryside that is right on my doorstep.

 Someone commented yesterday on the ‘mixes’ we can get. I don’t usually buy them as they are expensive and I think you can make better yourself. I did buy 3.5Kilo scone mix and a 3.5 kilo suet pastry/dumpling mix. They are made for caterers and I bought them for £1.50 a bag from Approved Foods, and I can’t make the pastry or scones for that price. In the spirit of using up what I already have, I baked some scones and lemon cake today.

 I added sultanas to the scones, as, you guessed it, I had some in the cupboard. Half the cake and scones can be frozen for another day, I have guests in and out this week so I need a tin full of goodies to share.

 I also made one of Dearly Beloved’s favourites – Lemon cake. I just make a victoria sponge mix and I grate the zest of one lemon into the sponge as it wizzing away in the Kenwood. When cooked, I leave it to cool for a couple of hours and then I fill with lemon curd. For the topping, I put a cup of icing sugar into a bowl and drip lemon juice into it until it is a pliable paste. I pour it into the middle of the cake and let if find its own way to the edge.

 Next, I thought I would share Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream with the world. We buy this when it is about to ‘go out of date’ and we freeze it until we want it. I’m sorry, very sorry if you can’t get this in your part of the world as it’s lovely.

 It has a crust on top and the cream is thick and unctuous and only to be eaten as a rare treat. It’s wonderful but not for the waistline.

The afternoon has been filled with dozing in the garden under the parasol and the mid afternoon had to have a Cream tea. Serve the scone with strawberry jam and a liberal dollop of clotted cream and just for good measure, have a slice of lemon cake too.

We are day 10 into my personal challenge of using up what I have and not spending any money. I have transferred last week’s food budget into the savings account. We are being extra careful as we’re off on a holiday and the money has to be found from somewhere. We also have a stock pile to get through.

I’ll be back tomorrow with day 3 of sprouting and the rest of my no spend challenge.


26 thoughts on “Using it up, getting out and putting our feet up Day 10.

  1. Clotted cream!! Cream tea!!! My very favorite things about England! Oh, you have made me want to go back BAD. (Something else to save for!). Sounds like a lovely day.


  2. Ahhh, but it's Cornish clotted cream – everyone knows that DEVON clotted cream is better! 😉

    Lemon cake looks lush – it's one of my favourites, too!


  3. I didn't know you could freeze Rhodda's, mind you Lovely Hubby always eats such big dollops of it on his scones (from Approved Foods mix same as yours) that there's never any left to freeze. Now I know I'll watch out for it being sold off cheap and stock up – secretly!!

    I might just invest in a Sprouter, fresh sprouts are very good for you aren't they, and you can't get any fresher than doing it yourself.

    Sue xx


  4. Thanks for that tip about the clotted cream..didn't know you could freeze it…we wanted to go for a walk but the world and his wife were doing the same..will wait til next wk..had to chuckle about the vision of you as miss marple on a bike with your dogs in the front basket…we love lemon cake..its soo yummy..
    enjoy your evening..
    love to you and yours


  5. I think clotted cream is heaven sent and everyone should treat themselves with a cream tea from time to time.
    Good on you. These little treats are crucial for your success with the bigger challenges in life.

    sft x


  6. I made scones with the scone mix from AF today as well! I was a bit daunted by the size of the bag when it arrived. I only made a few today but they were so quick and easy to make I'm sure they'll be a regular feature for the next few weeks. I'll have to take it easy with the cream though!


  7. You're right, we don't get clotted cream or at least I haven't seen any. But I can get Devon's Double Cream and I absolutely love it. It is rather expensive as it's an imported product and it is not so good for the waistline either but now and then, heaven 🙂


  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    Last time we visited England, my husband and I spent 3 days in Cornwall. We both thought that it was a very beautiful, picturesque, part of the world and we keep talking about returning. I am only sorry we couldn't stay longer.

    It was my idea to go there as I had seen Rick Stein on tv down here (in Australia) and Cornwall looked so lovely.

    Thanks for the tutorial on sprouting seeds. I have a bag here that I bought a while ago and haven't bothered to use. I will give it a go now. Hopefully the seeds aren't too old and some of them will sprout.


  9. I have never had clotted cream but it looks divine! But I do have a scone mix in the pantry and will get it out in the morning and make some for breakfast. And even though I have never had clotted cream, I think I am starting to miss it already!


  10. I'm drooling over here across the pond at your lovely clotted cream…can just see a huge dollop on some strawberry shortcake…

    Have had an awful financial setback this week and am so glad I've been in the frugal habit…will be making do for the forseeable future…


  11. I love reading your blog and am so glad you came back,don't think iv'e ever had clotted cream ,but I would have loved to have tried your scones and cake they looked delicious and the picture made my mouth water,had to look in the cupboard to see what I could find no sultanas,no scone mix,nothing to make a sponge cake with not even a lemon to make the icing to drizzle over the top,will have to settle for a bag of special k mini breaks,zesty lemon flavour ,but they were on offer at morrisons £1 a bag of 5 packs this week and I like the taste of them plus everyone is on a diet in our house.


  12. Yum Yum, oh how nice does your afternoon tea look. Love lemon cake, will give this a try on the weekend but had better invite someone over to share it with us or hubby and I are likely to polish it off all on our own, which would not be good, far better to share. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures and watching your journey. xxx Teresa


  13. Gorgeous afternoon tea, your lemon cake looks divine. We are lucky enough to get Rhodda's clotted cream here in Yorkshire, didn't know you could freeze it. Thank you for the tutorial on sprouting seeds, I might have to give them a go, they will make winter salads much more interesting.


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