Day 7! Please leave a message after the tone.

I’ve made it to day 7. I’ve been out on two meeting this week and I’ve had two at work and my brain is now pate. I came home early with a migraine, have taken the pills and I’m sleeping it off. Thanks for the comments; I didn’t deserve them; I truly was having a brat day. I’ve managed a week without grocery shopping and as usual, I haven’t bought anything any way. I’m back off to sleep; see you tomorrow.

As ever and until tomorrow,

Froogs xxx


45 thoughts on “Day 7! Please leave a message after the tone.

  1. I used to get terrible migraines (are any of them not terrible?).Best cure was when the Dr gave me an injection which knocked me out for 24hrs. Woke up, bleary eyed but the migraine had gone!
    Take care
    Jane x


  2. Hope you feel better soon.

    I wonder if I could post a question?

    I've been given an unused Cookworks Slow Cooker but the instructions didn't come with it. So has anyone any idea of cooking times? It just has; OFF, LOW, HIGH and AUTO, so I daren't leave it on until I know.

    I'm grateful for any suggestions.


  3. You have done so well – 1 week and no shopping. I am trying to get my grocery shopping down from once a week to once a fortnight.
    Hope you feel rested and refreshed tomorrow
    Karen – New Zealand


  4. I hope and pray the migraine passes
    quickly. My mother suffered with them for years.
    I could not imagine trying to teach
    a class or anything else while dealing with one.
    I will look forward to your next post.
    Be well.


  5. of course you didnt really need any retail therapy, look how many lovely people follow you (including me lol)
    shopping is just a habit like other things, we do or take to make us happy. just keep blogging, and connecting, thats the spirit girl. and repeat after me…shopping is dumb shopping is dumb shopping is……..


  6. Hope you feel better soon. I wonder how many people have started a blog just to follow you. I know I did when I thought that would be the only way I could read your posts. I also read the comments now, something I never did before and that gives me a deeper appreciation of your blog. Before I used to read it in snatches in between jobs at work, now I keep it for home and savour it. Thank you.


  7. Hope you're feeling better soon FQ, and stuff those anon plebs who speak before their mouth is in gear. At least you'll be debt free, being a pleb is a lifelong condition 😉

    Bring on the inner brat I say, they need an airing now and again LOL


  8. Hope you're feeling better today FQ, migraines in my experience leave you feeling drained for a day or two. At least you've got plenty of meals cooked! Do something nice this weekend, a long walk in Cardinham Woods maybe? You deserve a break.

    Sooze xx


  9. Hope you are feeling much better Jane. I think you deserve a day of rest today (Friday). Hope you havnt gone to work today because migraine is so debilitating even the next day! Take care. x


  10. We all have days like that so don't feel bad. I think you have done so well in not spending a penny!(the cash kind

    Meeting don't help as they add to the stress, well mine do anyway.

    It's looking like it should be a lovely weekend so perhaps a nice country walk or a good potter in the garden may make you feel a little better. You have two weeks of stress free time with the schools being broken up and if you get bored you can alway go to work for me and take some training sessions?!! (didn't think you would fancy that much.)

    Hope the head is all better now.

    X x


  11. Chin up Froogs,
    Hope your feeling better soon me dear, can't have two grumpsters writing blogs now can we? ;o). Seriously hope your feeling tickety boo soon me dear.


  12. Hope you are soon feeling better. Reading all these comments is enough to bring on a migraine!!

    You have lots of lovely followers now and we all care….so be strong, just delete any negative or nasty ones…or save them until you have calm and collected answer all worked out, don't hit back when you are feeling vulnerable or attacked.

    Absolutely loving your latest postings on using up the store cupboard things, they are really helping me at the moment.


    Sue xx


  13. Really hope your migraine is better today. I get awful ones with vomiting as well as the blinding headache and it usually takes at least 2 days for me to fully recover. So I really sympathise.


  14. Enough of you didn't deserve all the comments. You certainly did deserve all those positive comments my girl. You are a very brave lady sharing so much of yourself and being honest that you have down days as well as up days. Look after yourself and hope the migraine lifts soon. Just think, in a few months it will be one year till the London Olympics, the end of the tunnel is getting closer all th etime 🙂


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