Frugal Extreme Day 4.

 Oh dear, dear readers! I am in trouble! Dearly Beloved loves a cup of tea and a biscuit. I’m not so fussed. Biscuit or no biscuit, the most important part for me is the tea. He has a sweet tooth, and each week, I usually buy a pack of ginger nuts for him. They cost pennies and he loves a dunkable treat. I didn’t buy any because I’m more than well enough stocked to keep us in cakes and biscuits for weeks and I didn’t make any cakes or biscuits at the weekend. I needed to make amends so I made ginger oat biscuits. I don’t usually use oats, but the pack is nearly finished and I’m going to trundle my way through them until they’ve all gone. Here is the recipe.

Switch on the oven to 180 and cover two baking trays in grease proof paper.

Melt 6 oz marg with two tablespoons  of golden syrup(roughly…….I’m a chuck it in cook!) in a pan, then add to a bowl with 6 oz sugar, 6 oz SR Flour and 6 oz oats, 1 tablespoon of ground ginger and mix it altogether.

 Spoon a dessert full into your hand and roll into a ball.

 Flatten on a baking tray with your hands or the back of a spoon. Bake both trays for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes, swap the trays over. Remember, this is the heat and time for my oven, you may have to experiment with your own. When you take them out, loosen them with a flat knife and then leave them to cool.

 I made 24 crunchy oat biscuits and Dearly Beloved has forgiven me. Fortunately for him, there is another huge bag of oats in the cupboard and he will not be short of biscuits this month.


54 thoughts on “Frugal Extreme Day 4.

  1. Well now, I think Learning Slowly has a good point about the idea of your writing a book.

    Tips and recipes are great, of course, but really it is your 'frugal philosophy' that would be the more interesting thing for most of us, I suspect.


  2. I found a recipe similar to this on MSE forum which makes a very quick, easy batch of biscuits, but they are not flavoured. Will definitely give these a go – not at present, we are off cakes and biscuits for lent. Cannot wait to try recipe – look nice and quick too – very important for us working girls who never seem to have enough time in the day. x


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