Turn away if you scare easily!

 If you’re feeling brave enough: read on! I’m going to share this months (every jeffin’ month) budget. Here it is! And remember, I warned you!!

Salary in today at midnight – £2506. Let’s all do the…….I’m actually very rich dance! At midnight tonight, on the 1st of the month the following will be paid. £1063 for the mortgage. £199 for the car loan. £373 for the Lloyd’s bank loan and £500 for the Virgin 0% card (actual payment is £30 a month…..but I over pay by £470 a month). Money in = £2506 and Money out = £2135 Leaving me £371 a month. (We have DB’s salary too and he pays all the domestic DD’s and all the other debt repayments.)

 I then spend £100 a month on travel costs to get to work. I put £25 a month into our emergencies savings fund.  I pay £30 a month towards my water costs. £140 a month on groceries and I am left with the huge sum of £76 a month to ‘play’ with. I’m going to make sure I severely cut back on food costs this month and I won’t go to work for a couple of weeks  due to the Easter break and I’m hoping to put £100 away this month towards our holiday. I’m going to be blogging about ‘store cupboard’ recipes over the next few days as I intend to eat everything in the house, before I buy any thing else.

This month, I’m going ‘frugal extreme’ and will see exactly how little I can do with, use, spend, buy and how much I can save. You see, to me, having £76 a month spare seems like a lot of money. I clothes shop off the pound rail in the charity shop, buy all toiletries in with my food budget and anything else can be made, bartered or borrowed from the library.

I’m going to use up every little last bit of everything I have. I’m going to need some help!

I’m going to need you guys, at the side of the road, with the banners and hooters; rooting for me. Today is my 500th post and it would be lovely if those of you who are not followers yet could do so, so I could have 500 followers. Tell your friends and get them reading too. This month will be full of recipes, making things over the holidays, decorating the house with what I have, house maintenance without any trips to the DIY store and entertaining friends with what’s in the freezer or cupboards. Drop by everyday and make a difference to my month of ‘frugal extreme’.

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxxx


69 thoughts on “Turn away if you scare easily!

  1. well we had to be frugal and paid off £12k of debt. I'ts nice now at the other end of the tunnel, we've got a few more bits here & there but I'm secure knowing that if I need to be thrity for a few weeks for any reason (to save up for something) I know we can cope…we did it for 6 years!


  2. Go Froogs, go, get your frugal groove on, I know you can do it. The only trouble is your just to damned inspiring, I don't know where to begin. Actually I do, I'm off to make knickers out of old T shirts for the Rascal. xxx


  3. Good timing – I've got a freezer to get emptied to a state where it can be switched off for defrosting, then left off whilst we are on holiday to save on unecessary power-drain, so I too am looking for ideas for recipes to use what we have, rather than buying more than the basics. Off to Morrisons later as I hear a rumour they have their special offers on fruit, veg, and free range eggs again….!


  4. Go for it! I have not had to buy clothing for ages as my best friend (who is now comfotable financially and spoils herself a bit) and my sister (never had kids and is comfortable financially and spoils herself a lot) are programmed to pass on all their unwanted clobber as we are all the same size. What I need to do next is actually sell some of the clobber when I have done with it on ebay so that I can actually profit from it too! xxxx


  5. I'm all for using up everything in the pantry and freezer before buying more, but we're addicted to salads, and though I grow as much up the greens and tomatoes as I can, I have to supplement. Do you do salads?


  6. Well done on reaching the 500 mark! I have no doubt that you will achieve great results this month – and you really are downhill all the way now to debt-free. In not too many more months you will be using all that spare money to fatten up a savings account! Just think how satisfied you will feel, and how worthwhile this will all have been.


  7. Hi Froogs
    Oh goody I love these sort of posts. I put £200 in a purse for our food each month and try to save some of it. Last month I only managed to save £10 and I thought I had been good. I have loads of food in the house so this month I am with you and trying to use it up before I buy any more. I am going away for a week in May so want to defrost the freezer before I go. So keep up the good work I am looking forward to your recipes.


  8. Very glad you're still posting!!
    We've been living out of the cupboard for over a month & it's almost empty, so I'm in even more need of your frugal posts! Love your writing & your smile. Waving you onward in Oklahoma.


  9. FQ, will be waving the checkered flags as you cross the finish line 🙂 We grew up on cornbread, pinto beans and eggs. Eggs provided the cheap protein. My mother managed to raise four healthy children on this diet. I will be going back to this as the next few months will be sparse indeed. Red clover, pigweed, dandelion greens are free for the picking in this area. Will make violet jelly from the wild violets in the fields. You go girl! You definately help me think outside the box.


  10. Im so glad a read this tonight as i have had the day from hell!!!
    After several months of not doing a proper food shop and wasting money on bits and bobs it has brouht it home to me that i have been wasting so much money!
    Back to doing a weekly shop and making chillies, spag bols, cottage pies ect for the freezer and re stock the store cupboard that is empty, it may take a few weeks to do.
    Been thinking of puting £10 a week onto an Asda card, time to stop thinking and do it!
    Freecycle is great for picking up items you need for free and saving landfill to.
    Feeling much happier and can see a way forward now so thank you and good luck xxx


  11. I “shopped my own pantry” in January but allowed myself to buy fresh produce and dairy. You've got me intrigued about what it'd be like to ONLY consume what's on hand until nothing is left. Would that be freeing or wear me out? You are soo good at challenging my frugalness, Froogs!


  12. I went a bit silly this last 2 weeks, so am tightening the belt too as I want to go part time next year and my boss wants it in writing in the next couple of weeks.

    So I was also thinking of putting my pay up for everyone to see – similar to another blogger who puts it all out there. You have given me the extra courage to do so. “money” and 'pay packets” is such a secretive business. No wonder the rich get richer – they talk about money all the time!

    I also booked a free financial coaching session to see if it's something I may want to use – not to save, but to place my cash in good options so that I can go part time stress free and live with less work obligations in 10 years.


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