Dear Reader, here’s a message from Froogs to you.

Yes you. You read and log on to see how I’m getting on, the money I’ve saved, how I eke out every little bit. Today, I am talking straight to you. You see, you’re the one who is standing on the edge and you dare not go any further. Maybe, it’s because people will think you are ‘no fun any more’ or maybe you think that people like me should ‘get a life’. For what ever reason, you have not trodden the frugal footpath yet. You’re still consuming and you have plenty of excuses to do so. Let’s think about those reasons: you have to be smart for work, you’ve already booked the holiday and you will lose the deposit if you don’t go, you’ve worked hard and it’s your money and you’ll do what you like with it, you’re in a mess but you’ve looked into debt management, you’re in a mess and debt management is tough so you’re considering bankruptcy…….and I could go on.

I’m still talking to you and I hope you’re still with me. Take a look at Froogs in the photo above. Faded old wellies, charity shop fleecy top, £1.99 Primarni top, and Ebay second hand jeans, home dyed hair and the only evidence of a day out, is a walk on the moors. Well, you know what…………you want to live my life but don’t dare; well I am daring you. Come with me, walk the frugal line. Cut up every credit card because you are never going to borrow money ever again. Write a budget, and this time, stick to it. Go around the house right now and turn off every light, of every room where no one is in it. Get online and apply for a water meter. Go to any of the comparison sites and check that you are paying the least for your utilities and say to yourself that if you don’t need it you can’t buy it and if you can’t afford it, even if you need it, you still can’t buy it.

Now look back at the face in the photo above and this time, don’t see meanness, don’t see a woman who needs to ‘get a life’ but take a close look. That is the look of peace and contentment. It comes from living a simpler greener life. A life which is about being and not consuming. If you’ve been reading, just looking at another life that you would really like to try but don’t dare, well gather up your fortitude because my life is tough but deeply satisfying and this time, take the first step and come with me.


27 thoughts on “Dear Reader, here’s a message from Froogs to you.

  1. Bleedin' hell Froogs,
    You do know how to make a point don't you. Ok I'm game to try – but no lectures and no 'told you so's' – it'll be no small undertaking I know so expect small steps at first me dear – but with your advice hopefully the Wooldridge clan will get there.
    Bugger – said it now so best be taking the plunge.
    Oh and one more thing – thanks for being that shining beacon me dear.
    Frugally yours,


  2. I've done it, I took the leap a while ago.

    Although the cards are not cut up, they are paid off and tucked away. We use one to get our shopping a Tesco one which gives us points, we pay it off each and every month so no one gets any interest from us, but we can use the vouchers when they come in the post to stock up on basics. So we only actually shop at 'the bad place' once every three months.

    I grow my own veg and have my own chickens. I am currently posting like mad on Ebay to get rid of all stuff we don't use, and when the car boot season starts again, I'll be there standing behind my paste table.

    You have been and are an inspiration. Reading your Blog posts is like dipping into a pool of common sense. I left a comment a while ago explaining how you have helped me recently and I thank you again.

    I don't see a 'mean' woman when I look at your photo, I see a woman who has sussed things out and is getting on with a simple life….a GOOD simple life.

    Sue xx


  3. Dear Froogs, I really admire what you are doing and am trying my hardest. But what do you do when your husband is lovely and well meaning but lacks discipline? I count the pennies and sell on ebay, he goes out drinking for 6 hours. I'm fighting a losing battle against his spendiness and we have the debts to show for it. Any chance of a “wife swap” with you and Mr Froogs?! Lula x


  4. still with you, we stopped living on credit in 2006. if we want/need a (self-catering)holiday we cut out the tokens in the newspaper and we enjoy them knowing they've not cost an arm and a leg to go on.
    Josie x


  5. you are such an inspiration to me, we cut our cards up last november, very very scareie, but we have managed, and are now saving money as well as paying off our cards, a lovley feeling. thank you keep giving me some wonderful tips. by the way I made some soap following your receipe, I also make my own washing powder.thanks


  6. thank you, we have cut our cards up last year, and are now managing to save a bit as well. I have made some soap following your receipe, also I make washing powder. please keep giving us more tips, I really enjoy them. ta


  7. We're with you! We are trying!The tractor needs a new engine which we cannot put off;otherwise we are as frugal as can be. We had our one night out (for the year) last Sunday;a church function which cost us $20 each for a three course meal and entertainment. The cost of food, gas (petrol) and electicity has all gone up;being frugal means trying to survive.
    Jane x


  8. i admire you as well, i started my frugal journey at the start of the year, no credit cards but owe money to lots of people. want to be mortgage free, debt free . taking advice from lots of people, sometimes its hard because family moan about heating being turned down, lights being turned down and my worst crime no accesible food but we will All benefit. thanks for taking the time to share your life


  9. I love the way you dont brood on what the last couple of days have been like. You were obviously suffering and described how you felt rather than who said what! You then picked yourself up, brushed yourself down and started all over again!
    You are an inspiration to me and your blogs daily give me a boost and a kick up the backside to stay on track with my budget, my uphill struggle with frugality and life in general. God bless you, froogs xx


  10. Love your post's,you are a great insperation!!i too stopped using the Credit card year's ago!! and my life is financially stress free,i live a really Frugal life,and watch every cent,and don't owe a dollar too anyone,that is a lovely photo of you,i must comment on your Hair,how beautiful it is,so thick!!lucky you!


  11. Well, I use my card but it is always paid off every month and has been for years. My mortgage has been paid off before it is due. I have bought clothes from charity shops for years, even when earning pretty decent salary, just a habit I suppose but I have been known to occasionally buy something nice.

    I have my hair cut 3 times a year in the market for £6 and don't colour it as it is it's natural colour, silvery blonde/greyish. I couldn't face the hassle of colouring it.

    I don't see charity shop clothes as a penance at all and never have done. Wearing them should not be with any excuses for doing so.

    We rarely go out for meals, say 3 times a year as Mr C is struggling to keep a business going and I have helped him a lot to do this for years.

    I'm always selling stuff on Ebay too and I have bought some excellent warm winter outdoor sports jackets off Ebay for fraction of shop price.

    I think, looking at you in that picture, you are an extremely good looking woman who has no need of ornament, look healthy inside and out! It shines out of you.

    I hope your little girl gets on top form soon.


  12. Great post Froogs – esp after you were sounding so low a few days ago.
    What an encouragement to others who are struggling with frugality. We can do it of we encourage each other.

    But no husband swaps, please! i am definitely hanging on to mine!
    blessings xx


  13. Hi froogs…i took the leap some time ago..its scary and i was so worried about what others would think..but you know what it was and is the best thing i have ever done apart from my babies..folks thought i had gone from scratch and no more credit my life is so simple and frugal..if i can't make it bake it grow it..then i will consider buying it..second hand of course..but its so easy to do..i think being honest it takes courage and much more honesty than people care to admit..also seeing how much debt your in is very scary..but its took me 4 yrs to pay my credit cards off..and this yr me and hubby will be totally debt free..but this doesn't mean i will slip back to my old life..o no..i love my life as it is..your blog is very supportive and honest..i can be absolutely skint but still happy with what i have..i don't care what the others think now..i'm happy in my pre-loved clothes and look damn good in them too lol..happiness is what its all about..
    Keep going everyone..its hard but so worth it..
    take care


  14. There is a lot of visible 'blackmail' around for people to renew: kitchens, bathrooms, neutralise living 'spaces' as they call them now.

    Our house was built in early 80s and I must be the only person in my little close who hasn't renewed bathroom and kitchen. Bathroom blue, and quite nice and bright. Can't justify renewing either just now.

    All this talk of things being 'dated' annoys me incredibly. I really DON'T want a beige brown cream room that looks just like everyone elses.


  15. For Lula: I don't know your situation, but my husband is a recovering alcoholic with 23 years of sobriety. My father was an unrepetent drunk. I can tell you that you will never get ahead as long as someone in the family is drinking heavily. But, you do your best. We were in debt during the drinking years, but if I hadn't been frugal in other ways, we would have gone under. Again, I don't know your situation or how much your husband drinks (nor am I asking), but it's just a really expensive addiction–in every possible way, including financially (but that's the least of it).

    For Dreamchasers: Your name says it all. Follow the dream. Or, as Nike said, Just Do It. What do you have to lose besides that millstone around your neck? Frugality is about making choices. Make the choice to cut back everywhere. I have been debt-free for 16 years and we paid for our house in 7–granted, my husband was a good provider, but we got there because we lived below our means.

    Hey Froogs, I think you look very contented and happy.


  16. i love your blog and have been living frugally for at least 10 years. this was forced on us through my husband becoming seriously ill, we only had a tiny amount to live on, its amazing what you can do when you have to and now for us its a way of life and truthfully i like myself a whole lot better this way to leave all the trappings behind (along with the stress i might say) took a whole lot of getting used to but i dont' have anybody to compete with we have lost friends along the way but they were not true friends, now i make all of our food from scratch on a limited budget and for holidays, we dig out the tent and you know what the kids love it. thanks again, despite doing all that we do i always learn from your blog.


  17. Lots of us doing it which is lovely to hear. I'm trying to get 'frugal' and 'eco' to balance – I think I'm going to have to make some sarcrifices to my frugal thinking to be able to afford to sustain a 'local' food into our diet – growing alot ourselves – but I think I'm about to trade the as frugal life a life as possible of reduced meat/cheap chicken and food from who knows where to having to find the bottle to go without for alot of it and grow as much as we can/barter for the rest and do without when needed.

    Which will hopefully in the long term mean less spending – fingers crossed.

    It could almost have been a photo of me on the rock, hand died hair job, recycled clothes – happy grin.

    I've kept my CC for emergencies – so far north – on occassion we need that back up (family emergency last week ate into savings hard – but hey – thats what an emergency card is for right?)

    Goodluck with it all


  18. Comment was meant in a good way – I hope it came accross like that!!! I'm just trying to take the step of balancing my lack of budget with trying to buy local (not easy) – goodluck with all your dreams!

    (delete them both if you like!)


  19. I love this!
    (found you via the lovely Vix)
    i used to have tons of credit cards, splurged and purged on stupid cheap frills, only to be filing bankruptcy a few years later. My credit was ruined, and the funny thing is that when i went through my old reciepts , many were Goodwill ones!
    this trip to the 'reality' zone was exactly what i needed to face the fact that i was unhappy and trying to buy the quick thrill that came with a binge purchase.
    now i am soooo frugal and so much more stylish and happy NOT being a part of the machine!
    It's great to be unique and not follow trends or be herded into styles just because they are “in”.
    Thanks for a great post.
    i will be following you , too!


  20. Great encouragement. I try to be frugal but do fall by the wayside now and then. But I genrally manage to feed the equivalent of 7 adults about £60 a week for food. I do use my credit card beacuse I save money buying dvds etc online for the kids birthdays but it is paid off completely every month. We don't own a car either which would be a big saving if we'd ever had one. And we're paying extra off our mortgage which should hopefully halve the remaining repayment time. When the kids were young they were often clothed from boot fairs and charity shops and I still love a good rummage. I could do better and your post has spurred me on do try even harder. Many thanks for your inspiration.


  21. I'm struggling so much with this. I earn a decent wage but am digging myself out of a £15,000 debt so never seem to have any money.

    Must try harder though. Thank you.


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