Admiration of enterprise

Our daughter is still at home but much better today. Her lifestyle choices have left her very run down but she is picking up and eating anything and everything I cook for her. I left her with Dearly Beloved and went to Lidl as I’m running low on everything. As I’m on a water meter, I daren’t get the Karcher out of the garage and usually pay to get my car cleaned once in a while as it’s no cheaper to run the water myself at home. I really admire the boys who clean the car next to the Lidl car park in Saltash. They are always there and a team of them clean the car to showroom condition in minutes. (The photo above is not the aforementioned car wash service, but I didn’t have my camera with me).

The youngs guys who clean  the cars are teenagers or in their very early twenties, and any one of them could double up as a young Omar Sharif (not that I noticed, of course!) and scrub wheel trims with toothbrushes whilst on their hands and knees in puddles. Their enterprise and industry really impresses me. I’m sure they are economic migrants and as there was no car wash service in the town before they started up, no one’s losing out. It does make me wonder how many young, local unemployed young men just wouldn’t do that work. They are there seven days a week and for ten hours a day and they charge £5 a car, including waxing it so they must have to wash a lot of cars to make any money. They are pleasant, happy, polite, speak impeccable English and my car was gleaming and waiting for me when I finished the shopping. It makes me wonder why so many young people would rather claim benefits than do something enterprising and it must be possible if two young men, from a far away land can come here and make a successful living with a bucket, soap, toothbrushes and a pressure washer.


8 thoughts on “Admiration of enterprise

  1. It's nice that it's their own business.

    At the big supermarkets in our area similar businesses are in operation but they're owned by someone else, and while the lads do a brilliant job I always wonder just how much of the money they actually get to keep.

    Anyway when they see my car covered in farm mud they always walk away whistling with their hands in their pockets 😦 I don't blame them really!!

    Sue xx


  2. Lots of these type of hand car washes have popped up in our city over recent years too and I have to say I agree 100% with you. These people work so hard, but the one near where I work has such a great reputation that they always have a massive queue waiting for their cars to be cleaned, so I think they are probably making a good living from it. They found a gap in the market and have worked it… it's fabulous.


  3. So glad to hear your daughter is feeling a little better. You can't help worry about them even when they are older and left home.

    We also have a car wash similar to yours and they too do a great job. Good on them for trying to raise a bit of money.

    X x


  4. We have many such hard working young men round here too … mostly Eastern European but as you say they do a sterling job and are extremely polite. They are there no matter what the weather but I have to agree with sue15cat and feel that there is a mister big somewhere creaming off the major part of their earnings.


  5. When I lived in Lincoln a local car wash would let you leave your car for the day if you were getting it washed.

    I knew more than one or two people who had their cars washed regularly because it was cheaper than the local car park for a day!

    Given I was working in the Jobcentre at the time, in an area high in Polish immigrants, I often heard about these 'Bloody Polish coming and taking our jobs' and could never help to see the irony of that coming from someone who either refused to take a similar job to what they were doing or had been long term unemployed or in jail.

    Anyone who shows a spark of self reliance to me deserves praise regardless, there are soooo many who want to just sit back and whinge and have everything handed to them on a plate.


  6. The chaps who used to do this (and possibly still do?) at my local tescos when I lived in The Black Country, worked ever so hard and were very nice indeed. They didnt work for a big company, but had started it on their own. If only some of the people I have dealings with now had their attitude and committment to getting a job done!


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