With all the trimmings

I sometimes forget to label the ‘ready meals’ I make and put in the freezer. Today, we had ‘some sort of pie’ for lunch. It had pink bits, green bits, white bits, gravy, stuffing. It was in fact, the last of the pies made from the Christmas turkey. It was more veg than turkey and needed some extra gravy to revive it. Everything had gone into that pie, the sprounts, parsnips, a chopped up sausage with bacon, some spuds and a few scraps of turkey. It was an interesting combination, but nothing goes to waste in this house and we fearlessly eat it all. Even if it it is an odd concoction!


13 thoughts on “With all the trimmings

  1. We have roast dinner pie most weeks I love them! Glad you've found a good thing in the freezer – I opened mine the other day to laugh at the bag of leftovers I'd frozen over xmas (peelings etc) when I was at my other halfs house 300 miles away – don't like waste just like you – so froze it all and brought the scraps back frozen for the hens to eat – they don't mind!
    Lovely post


  2. I like a surprise element to meals – just made a shepherds pie for dinner with reduced price mince, some potatoes that were a tad sad and I added the rest of a tub of h/made tom sauce that was left over from a pizza topping – trust me it tastes better than it sounds 😉


  3. I am striving to use up everything and let nothing go to waste. I am not as creative as you when it comes to cooking, but I will learn. With food prices rising weekly I cannot justify throwing anything away. Your blog is truly inspiring.


  4. My mum likes to not bother labelling the things in her freezer, most of the time it's OK as she can remember what things are but on one particular occasion she sent my stepdad to work with container of margerine! Eww, he came home very hungry that night.xx


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