Thank you and that was the week that was.

Thanks to everyone who follows my blog; to all 302 of you. I always appreciate and look forward to your comments. Most of all, I love clicking on  your blogs and hearing about your money saving, farming, surviving, crafting, cooking, gardening or just hearing about your trip to a charity shop.

It’s been a busy week, as it always is. I’ve used the free gym a couple of times and unusually for me, as I blogged earlier, I stopped off at a charity shop this week. My second ‘Approved Foods’ order arrived and my larder is replenished without having to hand over money to the supermarkets. I’ve lift shared with the lodger. I’ve checked the water meter every day. I’ve turned the central heating timer off now as the weather is positively balmy enough to do without central heating again. I’ve over paid a couple of bills. I’ve eaten food from the freezer that I cooked last week. I don’t need to do any cooking this weekend as I have enough meals prepared to keep me going for at least another week. I’ve turned my £10 of Tesco vouchers into £30 of Cafe Rouge Vouchers.

This weekend the house will have a frugal scrub up and we’ll take a long walk somewhere, and if the weather is good, we’ll take a flask and some sandwiches and call it a day out. Thanks again to everyone who follows my blog.


23 thoughts on “Thank you and that was the week that was.

  1. Now tell me what “sharing the lift with the lodger” means! Lift = elevator? Lodger = tenant?

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I have been to England 3 times, but never to Cornwall.


  2. Maxine, a lift is a ride, so either froogs gave the loger a ride somewhere, or the opposite way round. Ha ha my ex husbands family never understood what i was saying (he was from Louisiana)

    froogs keep blogging you keep me on my toes 🙂


  3. I love your blog FQ and I have taken from you some wonderful ideas 🙂

    Its been a rather refreshing week this week as our 3 major bills came in and because I have been overpaying them by $50 a week – the phone company owe me $220….the electricity bill was only $70 (and $50 of that was paid before the bill reached my box) and the other was in credit also though I forget the amount.


  4. I like your blog because it's good honest real life(and because I like seeing your menus!) By the way I think a nice long walk, a flask & sandwiches sounds like a perfect day out, so I hope you enjoy it! x


  5. Thanks – it is good to share the adventures of frugality together. I am enjoying my first approved foods delivery this week [thank you]
    Have a wonderful weekend with your beloved [ at least romance does NOT have to cost money, whatever the ads try and make us buy as 'proof' of love]
    blessings xx


  6. Must have a look at Approved Foods again. Last time a fellow blogger mentioned it, there was not enough useful items to warrant the postage and then I kind of forgot about it. It is obviously a place to visit regularly just in case… Thanks for reminding me about it.


  7. Aw thanks..i love you no-nonsense style and honesty..something that is sadly lacking these days..i don't have a blog..but if your ever in lincolnshire let me know and your more than welcome to pop in for a coffee or stronger…thanks to you my hubby is now an avid frugaler and is more understanding of budgets and appreciates my batch baking more…
    take care


  8. I've been reading your blog for a while now but have only just started commenting. I was not brought up to be frugal so I struggle with it, and your blog is a constant reminder to keep trying. Thanks for following me back.


  9. Do you know why I follow your blog?
    You are open , honest , and make me feel that my trying to live a frugal life is not wierd or mean. I have seen blogs where the writer's main concern is trying to live out a magazine life….what's wrong with their own?
    Thanks for you.
    Jane x


  10. I am just leaving this comment to say THANK YOU.

    I have spent this week reading ALL your past posts during any spare moment I could find. Yesterday I had an ephiphany thanks to you, and it's about to change my life forever.

    You mentioned in a post a while ago (read by me yesterday) about your Mums' reaction to a frugal past and how she is now more of a shopper as a result, and it made me realise that this is exactly what I have been doing for the last couple of years.

    During my first marriage my husband drank away any money he earnt leaving me to raise two children and run a home on a pittance. I learnt to be truly frugal and to make every penny count, after years of hardship enough was finally and enough and I left (with only my clothes, books, pets and younger son, the older one was in the army by then). I also took half of the debts, which I struggled but managed to pay off. I turned my life around slowly and surely and took control of my finances and then met my current husband. As a consequence of this I had become a spender. I would waltz around the supermarkets and shops buyng whatever I wanted and enjoyed the freedom to do so.

    All this is about to change as we move forward to the next stage of our future together and need to cut back and live SO frugally, it may hurt (but it will be managable and even fun), your Blog is inspirational, and through a mixture of lessons learnt the hard way years ago and inspiration from wonderful people like yourself I intend to build this, our future with pride.

    Again….THANK YOU.

    Sue xx


  11. Hi – I agree totally with all the other comments – yours is an extremely helpful blog for those of us who are strugglying with finances at the moment and it's a pleasure and so inspiring to read your posts
    Best Wishes


  12. Well Thank you too – for your blog and for the 'heads up' about approved foods. We have enjoyed tortilla pie for dinner tonight courtesy of my first order.

    Have a great weekend!


  13. To all the FQ followers can I please just say that I have known Froogs as one of my dearest friends for 12 years, and she is as genuine and earnest in real life as she sounds through her blog. She is awe inspiring, and a priviledge to call my friend. FQ has helped so many people over the years, and is now reaching so many more through this blog. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, but is the most understanding, forgiving person. FQ you are my earth angel, you have saved me more than once! FM xxx


  14. hi F/Q,i love your blog,look for it every morning here in australia!!you have inspired me so much to live a more Frugal life,have a lovely week-end,i am now going to make your Pastry recipe up cheer's,xx


  15. I love to say it's been a real chore and that you should be thanking us.

    But that would be a fib of most epic proportions.

    Thanks for writing an entertaining blog, thanks for being honest and open about things and thanks for just being spiffy in general.

    I look forward to many more offerings.


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