Feeling rich today.

 Recently, I have felt as if every penny I have spare has rolled out of my hand in to the tight fist of some multi-national millionaire! Today, some came back my way. Firstly, I had £10 of Tesco clubcard vouchers, which I exchanged for £30 of Cafe Rouge vouchers and Dearly Beloved and I shall treat ourselves to lunch out in the half term break. It will be our first dining out experience in over a year.

Next, I sent a complaint email to Quidco, that I had used their cash back service and I hadn’t received any money. I had a return email the next day, with an apology for the delay and discovered that £78 had been credited to my bank account. I also complained to Approved Foods, that one order had been £4 short of goods, with a link to my blog, where I had previously sung their praises and the warning, with a link to the ‘South West Water’ rant, that I could also write a letter of complaint on my blog too. I received a £4 refund to my bank account today.

 I’ve worked that out as a ‘windfall’ of £108 in one day. I have had a financially astute day. I’ve paid a monthly installment to South West Water. I’ve over paid my 0% credit card by another £100. I’ve read my meters myself to save money and submitted my readings online. I have worked out, that in my ten years of teaching, by taking a packed lunch every day, and with the average cost of £2.50 a day, that I have saved £5000. Just a few days ago, I felt skint and now, I’m rolling in it.


16 thoughts on “Feeling rich today.

  1. Oh jolly well done. My Tesco vouchers will be about £1 I am spending less and less there. However – in the de-cluutering/selling stakes I have £70 squirreled away towards next months housekeeping, which will put £70 towards our removal costs. I still have £45 left from this month……I have to do a top up shop next week, but hopefully I will have another £20 – £25, so will draw just £20 to make my £120 for March.


  2. Lubbly jubbly!
    I got my clubcard voucher today….£3:50p! I too have cut down on spending at Tesco's but, just up the road from where I work is a Tesco Express. When I'm on a late shift, I make a point of popping in to see the reduced prices and buy anything I might use, even if I have to prepare it for the freezer, it's worth it and can give me a greater variety of foods.
    Also use only the money off and extra points coupons only if I know I need or will use the items.
    Enjoy your half term indulgence..You've earned it!

    Sandie xx


  3. We tend to convert our vouchers in batches for either meals or days out vouchers to use during our main summer camping trip.

    We take advantage and have a tesco cc which we pay off each month but use to gain extra points on all purchases 😉


  4. Well done you! Quite a lovely windfall. I had my vouchers through today, £13.00. Really pleased. I also have a few points that need adding from receipts as hubby didn't have the card with him. Enjoy your meal.

    Much love Trayci


  5. wow, well done! though I have received free meals (and once a bathing suit!) for complaining over the years, I'd forgotten how satisfying it can feel to be heard. enjoy your well-earned rewards!


  6. Great post! I generally order tesco groceries online and they usually deliver on time, it also helps that the points I get from Tesco Insurance and grocery orders pays for the delivery charge:) And I don't actually have to go to Tesco's:)
    Loyalty Programs


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