Chuffed to bits!

I love reading the ‘crafty blogs’, where people make quilts, knit blankets and display the beautiful things they have made. I can’t crochet. I am a crafty soul but I can only focus on one thing at a time, so in term time, that’s school. I’m sure it will be next August before I finish the quilt that I started making last year. I most admire the beautiful coloured quilts that ‘Bunny Mummy’ makes, along with the crocheted bunting and decorations, she really is so clever. I didn’t make the blanket that Bob the dog is modelling. It caught my eye in a charity shop window this morning. I saw it by chance as I took a different route to avoid the road works. There it was, draped over the display in the RSPCA shop window. I left work early and headed there to see if it was still for sale. They wanted £10 for it and I handed over the money as it would cost more than that in yarn and I even felt guilty that I didn’t pay a bit more. Well, here it is, my lovely crocheted blanket. I’m chuffed to bits.


17 thoughts on “Chuffed to bits!

  1. I love the blanket. Sometimes a simple stitch like that makes the most lovely blanket. I will have to remember this pattern.

    And “chuffed to bits”, I think I have it!! You are tickled pink!


  2. Score!

    I found a crochet blanket at a charity shop a few weeks ago – it's nowhere near as pretty as yours but was only £2.50 so that made me happy!

    I'm in the middle of crocheting my own – it's 5ft long and currently just under 2ft wide. I'm going to take it to 4ft/5ft wide eventually – and it'll have cost me about £30 in (soft cotton) yarn, and many, many, many hours of time. It'll be lovely but… I think I prefer buying them for £2.50!


  3. Well worth it. I'd love to be able to make one however I'd be at it forever! Plus hubby hates me sitting with a needle and wool, e says it makes me look like granny grey!

    Trayci x


  4. The blanket is fabulous! I have promised myself that I will make one as I learned to crochet (very basic only) a couple of years' ago. Unfortunately I have a couple of old projects to finish first, and our plans for the next couple of years mean I probably won't be able to complete any large scale projects for a while. However, it is definitely on my 'to do' list. I am sure you will enjoy your blanket, a real gem!


  5. Hi Froogs , I've had a looong day at work , come home tired and taken it out on the boys , feelin pretty rotten . Your post has really cheered me up :0)
    Thankyou for all the lovely things you said about my crochet . Your blanket is stunning…I never find crochet blankets in charity shops but I've been buying my yarn there this year.
    Jacquie x


  6. It's beautiful! I love to crochet , have recently learned to knit and made my first quilt! I'm excited about doing this kind of work and learning new things. In the past I've managed to find wonderful crocheted items at the thrift store too so I am excited for you!


  7. Ooh, lovely blanket I am making one right now but it's going to be a slow job, and I'll end up with something that only I will love I think ;-0
    And you're so right, bargain price, especially for the amount of yarn it must have took.
    Lucky you!


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