Bulk cooking, packed, priced and pointed!

 You all know me well enough to know, I love a session stove side. Today, was the day I prepared for the week by using up what I already have. I moaned about my last shopping experience so I am going to make sure I don’t have to go back for as long as I possibly can.

I started off my bulk cooking experience by defrosting one of the few remaining packs of ready made pastry that I bought on a trip to the local Morrison’s, just as it was about to close, and I bought up half a dozen packs of ‘jus-rol’ when it had been reduced to 16p a pack. I dry fried some onion, mushroom and garlic, added nutmeg and defrosted spinach and simmered. If you do this, try it and season as you go, it often needs more seasoning, more garlic and I added a smidge of low fat spread so it didn’t dry out. I then cut the pastry into four and made (eat your heart out Gregg’s) four savoury turnovers for 25.5p each. Well have one each for supper tonight with salad. The inside is ‘pointless’ and the pastry amounts to 10 points. I know, it’s high but nothing else on my plate will be fattening.

 I then went on and made five cottage pies, this time with only 8 points and 49p per serving (Total cost of the five ‘pies’ was £4.89) . I also made Quorn casserole. I used onion, frozen peppers, mushrooms, celery, mushrooms,  jar of pasta sauce, pack of Quorn chunks which is 5 points and 44p a serving. (Total cost of the three casseroles was £2.65)

 It’s been a much better weekend financially, than last weekend’s torrent of spending on food and bills. I had a refund from N Power for £9.16, which I spent on 2 packs of foil dishes , which were £1 each, a savoy cabbage for 79p (will ‘do’ us for four meals) a 2 kilo bag of spuds for 99p and two kilos of carrots for 89p. My ‘top up’ shop was £4.67 and picked up by Dearly Beloved on his way home from work, so no car journey to the supermarket either.

There are nine meals in my freezer that took me an hour to make today. The best part, is knowing there are enough ‘meals’ in my freezer and cupboards for the next three weeks, and for a while, that I don’t have to shop.


10 thoughts on “Bulk cooking, packed, priced and pointed!

  1. CTMOM – jus-rol is ready made pastry, usually very expensive, around £1.65 a pack, but if you buy goods that have to be sold that day, and just before closing, sometimes, they sell for pennies and I bought ten packs for 16p each and froze them


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