I certainly do approve.

 I tried using ‘Approved Foods’ and was delighted! It sells out of date but perfectly OK products, products that are perfectly OK and soon to go out of date and products that they seem to have a ware house full of and sell very cheaply. All of which will go in my larder cupboard in an attempt to stick two fingers up at rising prices. But beware, the more you buy, the more reasonable the postage is. Also, you can order goods that don’t turn up and although your account is credited, you will still have to pay the same postage. Nonetheless, I was still pleased with the purchases. Are you ready for Brucie’s conveyor belt of goodies?

2 enchilada kits – 99p

3 cous cous kits, each serving 6 people for 99p

3 packs of go-ahead biscuits for 99p

5 packs of tortilla wraps for 99p

9 boxes of cuppa soups for 99p – I have one of these every day at break time.

1 box of long life milk sachets – handy for days out and picnics  were free with the tea to go in cups – so 10 cups of tea, including cups and 120 sachets of milk were 99p

The pastry mix and the pastry and dumpling mixes were £1.50 each. These will last me for months and it’s always good to have cake to share with visitors.

If anyone uses ‘Approved Foods’ my advice would be to buy a much bigger order than I did as the goods are very reasonable but the postage of £5.25 is more affordable if you buy more.


20 thoughts on “I certainly do approve.

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  2. I looked at these a while back, and they didn't have much I wanted, so I promptly forgot about them!
    I'll go and have another look this weekend..
    P.S. Watch the fat content of those cup-o-soups…sometimes they sneek in extra calories (not sure if you'd worry about this though with your point's system…?)
    Have a great weekend Fq.


  3. Looks like you have some excellent storecupboard basics there at excellent prices. I am so lucky to have a “shop” like AF just down the road and over the years have had loads of fab bargains. This week its full of WW products, probably cos they have changed the points system and all foods are now old packaging. I dont mind 🙂 I dont eat the packets!!
    Take Care x


  4. Yes, I am converted already – have done an order this week to take advantage of the loo rolls (9 for £2.60 Nouvelle) and fruit pots for lunchboxes. You are right about the postage – I have been telling friends about AF in an attempt to get people to combine orders for greater savings but unfortunately my real-world friends are not as savings-savvy as my virtual friends! I got some of those cup a soups and my OH is enjoying them. It is one of those websites where you have to keep checking back to see what they have in stock. The ladies at the forum at http://www.frugaldom.co.uk say that the ginger sponge mix Rises rather dramatically so be sure to cook the sponge in a deep sided tin!


  5. Thanks for sharing this, I have just placed my first order. I have used a similar 'store' in the past called Food Bargains.
    Looking forward to having a pantry well stocked with flour/cake mixes/bread mixes as well as great items for packed lunches.


  6. WOW!
    I never see prices like those here in Canada;nor most of the products!
    Ginger pudding mix…..who knew!
    Jane x
    PS Now I'm going to have to make a steamed figgy pud tomorrow to curb the British food craving.


  7. I've been using Approved Foods for the past two years to stockpile storecupboard ingredients.Keep checking as they rotate offers regularly, you can have 28kgs in weight for the lowest postage rate so it's worth stocking up when you see a good deal. Bargain buys for me have been couscous, pasta, soups,catering sized tins of fruit,bread and cake mixes, dried pulses,and lots of soya based veggie meat substitutes.and oceanspray fruit juices.At one point the cous cous was 24 packs for 99p and the cases of cupa soups were 1p for 9 boxes!!! I have enough of both to last at least a year lol,
    If you steer away from the junk type food and buy basic “ingredients” for the stores it can revolutionise your food spending.You just need storage space.I'm glad you tried them for yourself as I have often wondered why you didn't use some of these bargain retailers. It frees up much more of your food budget for the higher ticket items like fresh meat and fish.


  8. We have a similar shop here in australia, called NQR. Meaning not quite right. Again its full of close to use by or they were part of a promotion and now cannot be sold with that advertising on the box because the promo is over. Only its like a supermarket you go in and buy the stuff. Much cheaper and usually you can buy stuff in bulk.


  9. Remember it is probably not just postage, its postage AND packaging. So you also pay for the box and the time it spent to pack it and any filler material that is in it.

    You are right though buy as much as you are going to want or use.

    The rule with anything like this is is it 'Best Before' or 'Use By'.

    With use by you maybe get a day or two before things go squiffy, think yoghurt and dairy and uncooked meats.

    Best before? Well there are simple rules, powdered stuff will last ages past this but has a tendency to cake (clump together) which makes it hard to use. Cans and jars, when you open them, do they fizz? Do they smell? Is there anything growing in there? If any of these are the case get rid. Otherwise I have had jars and cans that are months past date and are fine.

    Another excellent example of saving money and waste at the same time froogs.


  10. I have a shop near me that is very similar. You need a card to shop there and they are strict about who can have a card, but its soooooooo cheap. I went last night and got a huge box of Waitrose stewing lamb steaks for £1. Packs of M&S dessert cookies 6 packs for £1 They also sell Waitrose organic fruit and veg, bread,etc – its a wonderful place. xxx


  11. Following your recommendation, I have just placed my first order – so will be waiting with eager anticipation for my goodies.
    Many of their goods are items I'd buy anyway and so even with postage costs I am making a saving. Thanks for tipping us off to this company!


  12. I've used Approved Foods a few times after receiving a recommendation from a friend. Last time I saw said friend, she mentioned she had stopped using them because she has had so many delivery issues. Not deterred I carried on ordering but my order which supposedly was guaranted to arrive on Thursday (and for which I waited in all day!) still ain't here. Very dis-chuffed! I'm off to check out Food Bargains


  13. How amazing, I never knew jobs like that existed!!! I'll definately be using it to stock up on all my storecupboard essentials next month!
    I've just started reading your blog and think it's fantastic!
    Thanks ever so much.


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