Through the door and on the plate.


 We had another parents’ evening tonight and I arrived home shortly after seven. Within minutes of getting my coat off, I had a chicken casserole with spuds on my plate. One of the best things I own, is my slow cooker. It saves me so much money and means I can eat lavishly with little effort. This morning, I added two frozen chicken breasts (always try to get them on the bone, they’re cheaper and they hold together when they cook), three sliced carrots, half a chopped onion, a sliced pepper, and four chopped sticks of celery. I mixed up a chicken casserole mix with water and stirred that in. I always balance the peeled spuds on top, they fall apart if you add them to the casserole and they cook in the rising heat. I switched this onto cook at 6 am this morning and it was still perfect at 7.30 in the evening.

There is something so satisfying about a plate of simple food, cheap and nutritious and on the plate in seconds.


14 thoughts on “Through the door and on the plate.

  1. That does look yum. I made fried rice (success)& sweet and sour chicken (makes a little bit of chicken go a long way but it was tasteful). Back tot he slow cooker tomorrow.


  2. I am learning with the slow cooker. It is also useful for me because i can't stand long at the stove because i have a problem standing too long. Your meal looked yum, invite to dinner soon?? lol


  3. Thank you for your advice on how long to cook things for in the SC, i'm begining to use it much more, but can I ask if you put the chicken in frozen or defrost first

    Thanks again 🙂


  4. I am new to your site as a blogger and have just created an account so I can talk to you and leave comments. I have been reading your blog for a few days and I love it, firstly because I love cooking, secondly because I love English as a subject and thirdly because we are stony broke! Please carry on blogging and thankyou for showing us that there is a way out of a debt spiral and also the encouragement we find by reading your daily blog. Kind regards.


  5. I'm really pleased I found your blog. I am now working my way from the back as I realise there is so much in it – who needs cookery books. I started at the bottom and am about to read bacon patties or pasties, will go back to it later.

    I MUST get my ex neighbour's slow cooker out of the garage and use it – I can't really see her putting it in a suitcase when she is on one of her trips back home to Spain, can you?


  6. Yes, we too are fans of our slow cooker as it really makes the most of those half-price offers on brisket, and other really tasty, cheap cuts of meat. Talking of which, we are also great fans of chicken thighs, either with or without skin and bones, as they are not only cheaper than breast but stay really moist and taste better too.


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