Gym’ll fix it?

 This is not my school gym, our gym does not have posh ceiling, but it has all the kit and tonight it was mine all mine. The head of PE (no minor deitiess would do!) gave me the don’t kill yourself, here’s how to use the machinery safely talk. It’s free, which has got to be the best part and I’ve committed myself to using the gym  for three nights a week. I  had the place to myself. Radio One on full tilt, NO MIRRORS!! woo hoo! and me and the kit. I cycled for 6 KM and then rowed for 2KM and burnt off 180 calories!!!! So, not to waste the calories, I had a glass of red wine when I got home! All in all today, in one way or another, I have travelled 10KM, as I have walked to the station, then walked to school and then at the end of the day, after 30 minutes cardio, did it all again.

 If I did that for the next thirty years, then I might end up being as fit as this old bird! And if I carry on with the 20 points a day, I might end up as thin as her! I also imagined that Madonna will look like that in a few years if she gets any more scrawny! No worries about that. Below is me at ‘fighting weight’, when I last dieted down to 10 and a half stone and made it to the elusive size 12! I’m disgusted in myself that I can actually admit that I cried with joy in Next, when I got into a pair of size 12 jeans! I now squeeze myself into a pair of size 16s! The frugal exercise is in hand and the diet, unfortunately, with rising food prices and the need to eat healthily, isn’t as frugal as it once was. I’ve set myself another challenge, not only get rid of the debt, but get rid of the weight and then keep it off. I love a challenge.

Me, 2006 – 40 years old

10 thoughts on “Gym’ll fix it?

  1. Phew – I`m exhausted just reading about your exercise regime today!

    Just a though FQ….It might be worth having a blood test at your GP surgery and getting your thyroid function tested. If it is underactive ( quite common in our “middle years”) then a slower metabolic rate may have led to your weight increase. Treatment with thyroxine would then get you burning up the calories more efficiently.

    Have a good weekend!


  2. Great idea FQ . Would a friend at work commit to this too ? It's not so tempting to skip a session when you have company :0)
    Keep up the good work …always inspiring.
    Jacquie x


  3. Hi Dartford Warbler, my eostrogen levels are reducing all the time, which in turn affects my metabolism. I don't take medication of any kind and just allow my body to be. If it ages, and my middle thickens, then it's a sign that I need fewer calories as my body stores fat as I get older.


  4. Most of the fight is learning to be happy in your body. If you try and chase something that is unattainable (not that I am saying it is realising just how thing the ice is that I am skating on here) if you miss it you will bounce back harder. Also realising that quick loss tends to come back quickly is important too, those 10lbs at the beginning are most likely water so will come back in anger if you are not careful. A sustainable goal of a couple of pounds a week is good and will probably lead to the weight staying off when you stop dieting.

    One note from this side of the fence, a woman should have some curves! Size ten on a lot of women is heading into too small, size twelve depending on many things is maybe about right, a lot of women look much better in my opinion in the 14 to 16 bracket, I truly bemoan the size 8 stick who has knees that are bigger than thighs.

    Reuben had it right in my book.


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