A day on a frugal diet.

 As some of you seemed worried yesterday, I thought I would blog every mouthful of food I eat today. For breakfast I had, two slices of low calorie toasted bread with 15g soya spread, dried fried mushrooms with dry fried baby tomatoes, one egg, scrambled  – Points for breakfast =5. I’m sure you’ll agree, no one’s going hungry on that lot!

 For lunch I had, half a tin of sweetcorn (in water) 100g of low fat coleslaw, 150g of microwaved salmon and eight baby tomatoes – Points total = 7. Again, full of protein, low in fat,  carbs in the sweetcorn.

Supper = one sweet potato (baked in the microwave and then mashed) dry fried mushrooms, grilled quorn sausages and grilled baby tomatoes. Total = 8 points. There you are, 20 points a day. I also had about 100ml of soya milk in decaff tea and about five glasses of tap water. The only expensive part of my day, was the Salmon, which was on offer at Asda. It costs me about £4 a day to feed each of us and I’m eating healthily. I may not eat green veg and fruit every day, but my diet balances out as average over a week. Tomorrow, I’m going for my induction in the school gym (smells like teen spirit!!!!) but it’s free and I won’t have to go far to get there, just across the play ground! I’m digging out my charity shop trainers, charity shop Diadora tee-shirt and car boot sale Long Tall Sally track suit bottoms! Cheap chic! I’ll be swigging on tap water and woo hoo! I’ll have every excuse to use the bathroom at work and have a long hot shower afterwards. (That’ll save me water!) I’ll be back tomorrow to blog about the aches and pains!


9 thoughts on “A day on a frugal diet.

  1. You are eating healthy!!! Just remember that you don't need to be skinny to be healthy. Also, it's harder to lose it and keep it off once you hit middle age. So never expect the same results (time-wize, etc) as you remember from years past.

    Just keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Alex – In American sizes, I am size 20!! in UK sizes, size 16 – so a big girl! Not long ago, I used to be UK size 12 and US size 8, which is a normal size – I will get back to the weight I was before I put on all the weight and when I do, I am NEVER putting it on again!


  3. You are doing well:0)
    Another thing that i do that i find really helps, is to weigh myself every two days instead of once a week, that way if you aren't losing, you can step it up a bit and not think you've wasted the whole week 🙂
    I'm with you all the way 🙂
    Enjoy the gym tomorrow, and have a great weekend. x


  4. are they baked beans on your supper plate ?
    Your breakfast looks amazing ! I m so making that on the weekend.
    I am going to WW next week to check out the new programme. I never seem to get to lifetime but I always go for a few months at the beginning of every year.
    Your winter menu is very healthy !


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