Trying harder!

As I am not losing weight, I have cut back on my points from 22 to 20 a day. To do this, I am going to eliminate carbs for a week to see if that works! In fact, the last time I weighed myself, I had put on weight! I went for a very brisk two mile walk tonight, which was no fun at all in the cold and dark. I investigated all of the local gyms and all of them were about £40 a month and I would never get my money’s worth, the only answer is going to be power walking and tomorrow, I’m going to try and fit in a walk around the block at lunch time. Watch this space…………it’s trying and frustrating at the moment, but it worked before, and I’m sure it will work again. Tonight’s supper? Grilled salmon, no points salad and fat free dressing.


10 thoughts on “Trying harder!

  1. Ok , at risk of sounding like yer mother and not a bloggy friend – please take care. Minimal cals there and it's bloomin' freezin' here “up north” LOL!!
    And remember you do look fab already.
    But I wish you tons of weight loss this week 🙂


  2. You have to be very accurate with measuring food on WWs. Have you got a digital scale.
    20 pts is quite low – it may not help. Their no pts soup is good – you need carbs so dont cut all of them out.
    Good luck !


  3. Hi Lizzie – I do have a digital scale and 20 points and is an easy three meals a day. I'm sure standing for six hours a day doesn't helpw ith water retention as my legs and feet really hurt after a day at work


  4. Right brace yourself for the voice of reason or otherwise I'll offer me own two penny's worth. For me the best way that I shed the pounds (and I mean poundsss) was to approach it simply – eat a little of everything, do not cut anything out just change the balance of food groups a tad – burn off more than than the fuel you consume – gyms are boring and expensive, swimming is good at this time of year, walking is brilliant and cycling is cool at least with the second two the scenery changes – small steps, Rome was not built in a day – and do not live the diet, life's to short.
    Hope this helps a tad.


  5. They are offering a free sign up now with Weight Watchers here, but I don't have enough self discipline to follow the plan.I have no will power at all. I have pulled out my old paperwork from years past when I was in WW but they have changed things a bit.I guess I'll do like Oprah and be content with my body as it is, and concentrate on a happy and fulfilling life.


  6. 20 points is low, try no to cut your calorie intake too much your body needs them especially if you up your exercise, check out, i dont use it for everything, but their food track is great and it gives you realistic calories levels which change according to how much exercise you do. also maybe look into doing some home exercise dvd's es[ecially yoga, great after a day of teaching – I love the barbara curry ones – no fad yoga crazes, you can pick them up quite cheaply off amazon or ebay – no gym fee's plus they have a recipe calculator so i am able to add my normal ingredients i use in recipes and work out the cals in a serving so i still eat the same things – just bulked out with more veggies if i have a smaller portion – and all the resources arefree


  7. Cutting carbs does work without a doubt & we do eat too much of them considering they turn to sugar if we dont burn them.

    When I lost weight I really cut down the carbs to an absoulte minimum but not completly. One single slice of toast with breakfast and one very small portion of brown rice or potato with lunch and none with dinner. This kept me going and I still lost a lot of weight quite quickly

    Good luck with weight loss and thanks for the slow cooker advice


  8. Sweetie, don't eliminate carbs. Make sure to use complex carbs instead. Make sure to mix them with a protein too. That will slow transit time in your gut and you'll absorb less calories.

    Our body and our brains need carbs. Your muscles must have them in order to function efficiently. You will have more energy and keep your metabolism higher if you eat carbs sensibly. ex. brown rice and beans. Bulger and peas. Tabouli and garbanzo beans.

    Winter will slow your metabolism down if you stay inside. So get out in the cold and do some more brisk walking. The deeper the snow, the better.

    If you cut out carbs, you affect the glycogen stores in your muscles, which cuts down your ability to exercise well.


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