lovely low fat munchies!

I felt a bit cheated tonight. One of the joys of the winter is a steaming plate of beef stew and dumplings. Beef stew with 100g of steamed rice and yet more veg, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Hey ho! It’s healthy and will have the right effect in the long run.

I prepared supper this morning and popped a pack of stewing beef (really cheap!) an onion, three chopped stalks of celery and four chopped carrots into the slow cooker, along with a sachet mix (just add water and currently 3 for £1 at Asda) of Beef Bourguinon sauce. It’s so comforting to get home, through the dark and rain to a bubbling stew. Normally, I would get the mixing bowl out and make a few dumpling, with plenty of parsley but not tonight. 60g of rice, which when cooked is a very healthy sized serving. Already, I’m getting used to feeling very full on a lot less fat and calories. In weight watchers points (in ‘old money’) my supper was eight points. I also have a small tub of rice and stew for my lunch at work tomorrow. Even cheaper as I stretched the supper to three meals. Price increases mean my supper was over the £1 and came to £1.25, again the higher price of healthy eating.


7 thoughts on “lovely low fat munchies!

  1. great minds think alike, we are havign the same tomorrow, my stew is defrosting on the Kitchen counter as I type ready to pop int he slow cooker in the morning. Healthier does equal a higher cost, but then I feel i dont spend as much on my shopping as I am not over eating. swings and round abouts I think.


  2. That looks absolutely delicious! I have some steak left over from another meal and some kidneys so am planning a steak and kidney pud OR maybe some steak pasties. Decisions, decisions!


  3. We had pease pudding and felafel tonight: the end of the store cupboard, and no oven until the weekend! Pease pudding made with a bag of split peas and felafel simply cooked in spray oil. Was delicious cheap and low fat. Not sure of the WWpoints score though? FM xx


  4. I know I'm repeating myself here but have you tried the Jamaican dumplings yet (from a 1970s Friends of the Earth cookbook)? I prefer them to the suet ones. 1 tablespoon flour (either plain or SR – doesn't matter) mixed with 1 teaspoon baking powder and a pinch herbs. Mix to stiffish dough with water and drop teaspoonfuls into simmering stew/soup and cook for 10-15 mins. Fluff up beautifully and no extra fat. I find them more filling than rice. I'm always hungry again a couple of hours after rice.


  5. I have a slow cooker but have been struggling to use it, I thought I would be able to fill it up before going to work but I'm out of the house for 11 hours and this seems to long, how long do you leave yours on for?


  6. Hi Frugal Queen
    I've just found your blog and love it.

    Reading about your slow cooker, there is one in my garage which belongs to my ex neighbour who is in Spain and I am storing it for her. It's a little large but I might try it.

    Difficult as I MIGHT occasionally eat chicken I'm generally veggie as I don't like red meat.

    One point about you mentioning your dieting – the pictures of your food look lovely but there seems to me to be quite a large quantity on the plate. I'm convinced that eating most things but less of them is the answer rather than worrying about what to eat (apart from fried stuff that is)

    I'm sorry if I sound critical, I'm not but personally I cannot eat a lot and hate to feel 'full up' as people keep on talking about.

    I've now bookmarked your site and will look forward to reading it and picking up some tips.


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