Must try harder!

Oh swizz! I haven’t lost any weight this week! Mind you, I haven’t exercised much, nor have I drunk much water and I have occasionally allowed a complimentary chocolate fall into my mouth, not to mention some ice cream! I will be good. If I can stick to not spending money, then I must be able to stick to a diet. I must remember to eat really well at meal times and then not at all at any other times. I’m sticking to 23 points a day from here onwards and I hope to lose weight! My supper was 7.5 points and is becoming increasingly expensive. The chicken portion was 60p, half a pack of beans was 35p, the rice was 5p, the veggies 12p and the sauce mix was 25p so in all £1.37. In such a short time, I’m getting used to only eating low fat and healthier options. It’s all just a bit expensive. It was another late day at school and after leaving home at 6.30 this morning, I arrived home just before 7 pm this evening. I’m exhausted again and I’m off to bed to read. Oh, I promise, I will try harder at this weight loss malarky!My weight remains at 13′ 5lbs! Swizz indeed!


12 thoughts on “Must try harder!

  1. Oh what a shame! Well done you on being committed and not giving up yet (I am hideously bad at sticking at diets…I have found I am pretty much incapable of dieting “sensibly” so I try to do enough exercise to counterbalance my odd blow-out 😉
    Good luck! I hope you start seeing some results soon from all your hard work! xxx


  2. I must try harder too!! Its so much easier when the sun is shining to be healthier.

    Its so expensive eating healthily -I have found not eating as much saves money and helps you lose weight!! 🙂

    megan x


  3. How frustrating! Chris Evans said on Radio 2 this morning he has a new braceon his teeth and has lost 8lbs in 2 days because eating is so painful! But that seems a desperate approach to me [and your teeth look fine on your photo anyway]
    Fruit seems more expensive this year


  4. Everything is so much more expensive, even over the last couple of weeks. Not just the fruit and veg, but bread seems to have gone up at least 20p a loaf. I guess it is hitting people, as there seems to be fewer reduced items for us to take advantage of too! Don't be too hard on yourself.


  5. Don't worry. If you have changed your eating habits and you knwo you're consuming less fat and calories (which you know because you're doing the cooking) then let it go. You're changing your eating habits for what should be your life in general. That means sometimes the scale goes down, sometimes it doesn't. But over-all you will see results if you just keep this up. So, really sweetie, don't worry… persevere!


  6. I'm hopeless at dieting, so the fact that you are trying is good enough! I can't resist CRISPS.

    Alison B43 said about food shooting up in price. My son loves bagels and I had to pay £1.35 for a packet this week that was £1.29 last week, and £1.25 the week before that. Last year they were £1, or BOGOF for much of the time! Where are all the deals going? It's getting a bit scary and I notice that Tesco Value stuff is selling out too… Maybe food should have a price cap otherwise it could get out of hand? I think the supermarkets are cashing in and raising prices to be greedy. So unfair.


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