What is happiness?

  I was reminded of the government commission by the National Audit Office, whilst I lay in the bath tonight, something, which by the way, always makes me happy and listened to a Radio 4 Moral Maze debate on happiness. Happiness is going to be measured. As yet, I’m not sure why………I must have drifted off whilst they talked about the why.

I consider myself to be mostly happy with the daily struggle and tussle with life and know that working really hard for something is dreadful at the time, but incredibly satisfying at the end. I know that the more I struggle and the more I fight for something, then it’s so appreciated at the end. I don’t strive to be happy and I don’t go looking for it and although, it may make me sound rather dour, I really enjoy the challenges of daily life. Of course, it’s all relative. I don’t have to walk miles for water, five of my children didn’t die of starvation, nor will I die a painful death from malaria, but we all have our struggles in one way or another. I sometimes think that happiness can be over rated and people start worrying if they are not happy. Some one on the radio said, words to the effect, if you are well, have friends, do something meaningful, then why would you not consider yourself happy?

Today, I arrived at work and watched the sun rise over St. Austell bay, and I drove home watching the moon rise over Bodmin moor. Now I could dwell on the fact that I spent dawn till dusk at work but I could also celebrate the most beautifully crisp winter day, filled with bright cloudless sunshine and a clear star filled night. I’m going to celebrate the latter along with the fact that I had a job to go to and a home to come home to.

I’m content in the knowledge, that in my struggle, that I’m doing the right thing. I’m content in knowing that the moments of happiness come and go, sometimes like a visitor that can’t stay long and like a dear friend, we miss it when it’s gone.


21 thoughts on “What is happiness?

  1. What is it that makes some people happy and others not, given the same set of circumstances? It is genetic? Is it 'training'?I have no clue. All I know is that I am happy ( and like to be with other happy people).
    Jane x


  2. Imo happiness is a brief state which occurs when something one has struggled for is achieved – but it is only a transient state unless a new struggle is engaged with because happiness after a very VERY short time transmutes into contentment. Contentment is transient too and will quite soon become boredom because there is thought to be nothing left to struggle for.
    Frugal – if you sit on your laurels once you've cleared your debts then you woo will become content with what you've achieved and soon will miss your years of financial struggle because when you lose all of your debts you'll also, eventually, lose the satisfaction of achieving your aims. imho :O)


  3. I read a quote once that said “Most men are about as happy as they decide to be” – and I've really noticed that probably 90% of happiness is in fixing your mind on it, choosing to “be happy” in spite of, as well as, because of, the circumstances of your life.
    I'm not saying I get it right all the time, but knowing it's a coice and mostly reliant on me and my own attitude helps. As does remembering all we have to be grateful for 🙂
    Happy mid-week! xxx


  4. I used to take walks around Walden Pond and hike to the site of his cabin. Very peaceful surroundings — if you don't go out on the interstate!! There were people there from all around the world. You could hear so many languages along the footpath. A very simple and satisfying place. . . . . .Good post!


  5. I loved the bit about chasin happiness & comparin it to a butterfly. Found your blog (first I've ever been to – as although I used to work with computers I didn't know anything about face-book etc) whilst researching wood-burners. Haven't seen the pic you said was on your blog yet biut gotcarried away readin about your healthy views on happiness. BE HAPPY


  6. Hear,hear. I couldn't agree more, I hate hearing people moan about all the things they don't have, instead of focusing on what they do. The simplest things in life are so often the best, cheapest, satisfying, longest lasting, but often have to be worked for the most which is why so many choose to dis guard them in favour of instant gratification. Fools I say,lol.xxx


  7. There is a country somewhere that does actually measure happiness and it is tied to their gross product. When the country is measured to be happier their profitability is higher.

    Not sure how they measure, seems to me people might be happy because they have more money and the politicians are measuring arse backwards.

    For me happiness is knowing that there are four bundles of feathers outside keeping me in eggs and a forge full of fire.


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