Souper and Very Frugal!

It’s official! I love soup! My favourite soup is plain old veg. Tonight, I just had vegetable soup. Carrots, veggie stock, a parsnip for thickening, spinach, tin of tomatoes, onions, celery and a tablespoon of red lentils. It’s such a delight to just leave it simmering whilst I get on with something else. I’ll eat it for supper tonight and lunch tomorrow. Dearly Beloved will have his with some homemade croutons, whilst I’ll just have that on its own.

When the kids were young, I would often make soup as an every other day meal. You could have as much as you liked and it really stretched every penny as far as it could go. It’s certainly cheap but it stretches every calorie as far as they will go. A huge steaming bowl of soup, hardly any calories and in Weight Watchers terminology, with the exception of a half a parsnip and a teaspoon of lentil per serving, it is ‘pointless’.
I also blend my soup and it’s a lovely orange colour from all the carrots and tomatoes and I’ll keep tucking into it all night, just if I can find ‘room’ for any more!


7 thoughts on “Souper and Very Frugal!

  1. Oh, soup is where it's at, especially in the winter. Cheap and nutritious, perfect. Just wish I could get my husband into them, not his thing. Most of my children like them so that's helpful.


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