What a whopper!!!

We’ve been out today and met with my daughter as she was moving home and we helped in a minor way. It was good to see her. We took her out to lunch in cheap and cheerful Mc Donald’s and we had their chicken and bacon salad without any dressing, if you’re interested, that’s only 3 points.

I have lots of Quorn in my freezer, mainly because it’s very cheap (£1 a pack in Lidl)  and nutritious and it is also low in fat and calories. Tonight’s supper was dry fried quorn, sliced onions and mushrooms and I sprinkled a tiny amount of tikka mix over it. The most yummy thing I made tonight was remoulade. Take one celeriac, peel and grate, mix with a tablespoon of low fat mayonnaise, a teaspoon of Dijon and a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it all together. I also baked and mashed a sweet potato between us, I always add a dash of lemon juice to sweet potato mash……well, because it’s very sweet! It was a whopper of a supper. Our entire supper was only 6 points each. I weighed myself today and I now weigh 13 stone 5 lbs.


5 thoughts on “What a whopper!!!

  1. 4lb off – well done!! Better than your predicted 1lb. 😀 And with yummy looking food.
    I love celeriac – just can't seem to grow it though – 3 years of failure so far… Still going to try again this year though.


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