We shouldn’t make our lives too easy!

 I have three debts coming to an end this year.
So far, in the last year, we have paid back £18,179.40 and £1463.12 of that went in interest. Even though we have a mass to pay back, I can see the end in sight. Barclaycard, HSBC and Virgin will no longer get a monthly payment off us by October of this year.(That’s be another £6633.27 off the debt!) By February, next year, in 2012, the Co-op bank will no longer get a monthly payment off us (That’s be another £5650.45 off the debt!) and by August next year, 2012, Lloyd’s bank will also get the last payment from us. Nineteen months is nothing. The end is in sight. As far as I’m concerned, this is the final countdown.
Today, I walked around Lidl, with a calculator in my hand and didn’t go over my budget. Our treat was a walk round Saltash, a browse in the charity shops and we spent £2 on two demi-johns to make some homemade wine in the future. In truth, it wasn’t much of a day! Coming home, and focusing on the end, which is in sight, reminded me that my venture on ‘wild seas’, though rough at times, is worth it.

6 thoughts on “We shouldn’t make our lives too easy!

  1. I do congratulate you on your steadfastness in getting rid of your debts, I have another 33 months to go at the present rate. Unfortunately we are not in a position to make large over paymens we pay what we can, but this month I am hoping to pay an extra £40 off our Lloyds CC savings from my housekeeping thanks to gift cards from 2 of the children at Chhristmas and a through freezer audit I have not had to buy so much this month. We are eating out of the store cupboard and freezer.

    The Lloyds CC will be paid off at the end of Rebruary, so more cash to go against the next debt.

    I have £29 left in my purse for a fresh fruit and veg shop at Aldi this coming Thursday…..it will last me till my next shop early February.


  2. well if the next couple of years go as quickly as the last, it will seam like no time at all – well done to you, so inspirational!
    I am having trouble paying off debts while the house seams to be dropping to bits around me!



  3. Love that “poem” on your post. How wonderful that you are nearing the end of your debt repayment. How liberating it will be when you send that last payment. Hopefully you will continue blogging to inspire the masses.


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