‘Chinese’ and a drink on a Friday?

Once upon a time, long a ago, in a land, far, far, away! I used to have a take away on a Friday night and we used to go for a ‘couple’ in the pub over the road, whilst we waited for our order. I haven’t had a take away since 2007! I sometimes miss them, but then I get the wok out and get dinner ready in less time than it would take to walk there and back! We’re still drinking the Christmas box of wine we were given as a gift and as we only drink one glass each a week, it’ll be there a while yet. If you had just one bottle of wine a week and shared one Chinese take away between you a week (One bottle of Merlot £5 + Chicken in black bean sauce £4.80 and special fried rice £4.40) then you would actually spend £743.60 a year…………on take aways and wine! Some times, just adding up what it costs, is enough to do it yourself and have it with a glass of orange barley water. P.S….My supper blow out was 10 points!


6 thoughts on “‘Chinese’ and a drink on a Friday?

  1. I don't want to even think about how many calories and dollars I wasted on food and drink by going out when we were in our 20's and 30's!

    Now I look at a meal or drink and think, “hmm…. I'd have to work a half hour to pay for that.”


  2. But what a fabulous use of 10 points!! 😉

    I'm having a glass of red wine tonight too…had a rough day at work, this is the perfect start to the weekend 😉 (And free: the bottle was a gift, and I used most of it already to drink/cook with…)

    Hope you have a great weekend! xxx


  3. When my first husband was in paid employment I always found it a good way to stop pointless frittering by working out how long he had to work to earn enough (+ tax)to pay for whatever it was. It's a very sobering exercise.


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