I treated myself!

 Teachers get exam results the day before students, so I am in the know!! I can’t give anything away, but I am in a celebratory mood! I called into Aldi on my way home and bought two butternut squashes for 85p each. Both were almost the size of a rugby ball! I also bought some tomatoes and beetroot! Now, you may ask why this is a treat; it’s because I discipline myself to only go into one shop to do my weekly shop, once a week. If you discipline yourself not to carry money and never to go into a shop, then you can’t part with any money! I broke that rule today! I also had a mid-week roast supper. I had some left over roast pork that I had in the freezer, and yes I know, some people are sniffy about re-heating meat, but if you get it hot enough and keep it at that temperature for long enough; there is very little risk. And! what do you think they give you in the Chinese takeaway? We had a whole butternut squash between us, a roasted red pepper to share and a whole packet of beetroot, which I also roasted.

Mid week roast pork, with a mountain of green beans, butternut squash, red pepper and beetroot! Not frugal at all and came to £1.60 each! Tomorrow will be full of fizzy happy teenagers, who might even thank us! Tonight, is my quiet celebration and a pat on my own back!


17 thoughts on “I treated myself!

  1. Hi frugal queen
    I have an interesting proposition for you – ew, that reads very creepily when I write it down!
    It would be best explained over email, so if you're at all interested please drop me a line at glastonburygurl @ yahoo . co . uk (take out the spaces)


  2. Congratulations Frugal Queen on a job well done. You deserve a treat.

    My husband planted some of the tastiest Hubbard squash last spring and we harvested a full truck load of huge squash in the fall. One weight 53 pounds. We gave most of them away They freeze well but one goes a long way.

    I'm not sure how much a stone weigh. Could you tell me?



  3. I just bought a butternut squash to cook on a cold night. I will make mine for dessert though. I'll cut it in half and scrape the seeds out and put some butter in the hollow and sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon over the whole thing and then bake until soft. It tastes like a pumpkin pie.


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