Loads of taste and very few calories

 I cooked sweet potato, butternut squash and chickpea curry for tonight’s supper and tomorrow’s and the day after that’s lunches. Dearly Beloved is on a diet too, but he doesn’t know it……….he eats what I eat but with a larger portion. I used: three large carrots (no points) a butternut squash (no points), two portions of frozen spinach (no points) a large onion (no points) one sweet potato (3points) one tin of chickpeas (5points) two tablespoons of Thai green curry paste (2 points) and half a tin of coconut milk (14 points) two tablespoons of peas (2 points) and 150g of rice per portion (3 points per serving) and I made two lunches and two suppers with 9 points per meal for me and 12 points for DB. Old style Weight watchers. I’m never exactly accurate but I figure that as I am not eating homemade pasties and gingernuts with my cuppa, that this has to be the lower calorie healthier option!

The end result was delicious. We don’t often eat anything spicy but mountains of veg become very boring, very quickly unless you do something to make them more interesting. My 9 point supper was really nice! The chick peas were fantastic in this and were really chewy and tasty. Costings? Still under £1 per portion so the budget is sound too.


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