Getting to the point!

It looks a lot, but it’s mainly cabbage!

 In 2006, I lost 2 and a half stone and for the first time in many, many years I was a size 12! I wore shorts, and looked really normal. I stayed that weight for about about two years and then slowly, pound by pound put it all back on along with another stone just to keep it all happy! I lost the weight by following the weight watchers points plan. I started on 21 points and as I lost the weight got down to 17 points and yes! I was ****ing starving all of the time!

 By the fact that I’m sat here and not dodging the flying sweaty HRT patches at a local church hall at the Rosemary Conley’s fat fighters club; you can tell I decided not to shell out £5.80 a week and I will blog my weight loss instead. Why not? I blog everything else! Today I am 13 stone and 9 pounds. In a week after misery, self deprivation and all round penitence, I will weigh myself again. I should lose 1lb a week. The old style weight watchers programme is very very cheap! It’s basically piles and piles of vegetables with no points and a tiny bit of meat or fat. There is a lot of weighing and measuring but after a while and when I start to lose weight, then it will all seem worth it.

Supper 120g of rice, half jar sweet sour sauce, 120g cooked chicken, 2 finely sliced carrots, half an onion, quarter of a cabbage. 9 points

 I know there are all kinds of new fat fighting clubs and the new fat fighters pro-points system. It’s like the old system but more money and they’ve changed all the points so some people will pay for all new books, scales, points calculators and all those ‘low fat, low calorie’ biscuits and chocolates in the foyer! You know the ones, half the fat, so you can eat twice as much. I’m not decrying the places and good luck to anyone who uses them, but this time, if I lose 2 and a half stone and then put it all back on again, at least I will not have paid about £750 for someone to weigh me, half look at me and whilst scribblings weights in a leaflet chirp ‘Good week?’ I’m now off for a walk in the rain!


20 thoughts on “Getting to the point!

  1. I was in the old WW (US version) — about 1991 — the leader had a lot of sayings.

    One of her best was “better to let things go to waste, rather than to waist.” This would only apply to potato chips or cookies or other things that shouldn't be bought to begin with.

    Another thing she liked to say “whatever you want to eat, hold it under running water, you can have whatever's left.” Meaning that if it's carrot sticks, the water will just run off; but if it's those darn cookies again, the water will sog them out. Yuck.

    Anyway, good luck with it. Do whatever tricks you need to do to keep your mindset. BTW, that rice and veg looked pretty good!



  2. Lol, as soon as anyone mentions weight watchers I visualise little Britain… although God knows I could do with a bit of weight watching right now. I'm the heaviest I've ever been.


  3. You can do it! This time last year I was 13 stone 10 pounds and now I am 9 stone 5 pounds! I didn't go to a class either…waste of money! I followed the Slimmimg World programme at home and have never been hungry. I also fought and beat the habit of a life time….inactivity!! LOL!
    Keep us updated!


  4. I gave up on slimming clubs as not one would accept that I could not do the exercises they wanted me to! Not because of weight but because of health issues. (currently laying here with suspected fractured vertebrae)
    I use a cbt/hypnotherapy cd. got it from amazon voucher just to try.


  5. yayyy, great attitude, i refuse to pay too. I do use as it is a free resource, lots of recipes etc on there, but I refuse to diet and be hungry, I just cook as normal, watch portion control, and eat lots more veggies etc – the main thing with me has always been activity so i have to up that alot in order to loose weight – good luck, I will be weighting this weekend too, hoping to loose lbs per week,


  6. absolutely. I reckon the main thing that works is sharing your progress or not with others… so blogging about it will be the same thing anyway. and of course free.. best of luck, though I am sure you won't need it. GO LADY


  7. Frugal Queen, I 'm very impressed by your winning attitude. I 'm sure that you will succeed at loosing the weight that you want to loose because you are very focused. Good for you that you want to keep your own money in your own pocket.

    It's kind of unfair that weight goes on so easy but is more difficult to get rid of…

    My son in law lost 50 pounds and kept it off by using a smaller plate, and by not eating starchy food like potatoes, bread, or pasta and pastry after the noon meal.

    For the last meal of the day he ate meat and salads. For snacks at night he ate an orange as it has less sugar than an apple.

    He drank plenty of water and went to the gym to tighten his muscles as he has a sit down jog computer programing.

    Starchy food turns into sugar and is converted into calories that doesn't get a chance to burn as fuel, as we tend to slow down in the evening and so does our metabolism unfortunately. JB


  8. After all the gorging of Mince Pies and Rosie's chocolates over the Christmas season ( who am I kidding, all the seasons ), I have piled on the weight. Keep saying I am going to start walking again, but now have bad knees, swimming is really the best exercise I could manage.
    I watch what I eat at meal times, but can't say NO to chocolate and bread.
    I'll cheer you on 😉
    Good Luck !


  9. Hi Froogs, there is a thread on 'ish' just started at the moment where we are all doing hints, tips and weigh ins excetera, excetera. Come along and join in, it will be lovely to see you there too.

    I'm aiming to make this year the 'one' where I actually get to see my toes again so it will be great to have lots and lots of support too. I've only got 7 stone to loose,lol.Easy, piece of pie, oops, pardon the pun.


  10. The blog can be a powerful tool for weight loss, so I'd expect it to work for you.

    It was following a “weight-loss” blog that first dragged me into the blogosphere.

    My mate, Reallyfatbloke, needed to drop a considerable percentage of his body weight, so that he could do The Great North Run a couple of years ago. Every day, he blogged everything he'd eaten along with his, laughably erratic, training regime.

    Dropping the odd comment on his blog let him know that his friends were watching his progress and keeping him honest. He said that it helped him. Even so, I'm not sure that he'll ever forgive me for waiting a whole year before I owned up that I was also posting comments as “Scooby Don't”, another regular reader.


  11. Good luck – Been there, done that, got all the weight loss stickers. I lost 8 stone at slimming world, I think I have put about 6 back on – but there is no way I am ever paying for a club again.



  12. You have given me great encouragement today. I have old WW stuff here from my mother who went years and years ago. After a foot injury( cow stepped on it and crushed it) Dec 2009 walking and biking were out of the question. I decided this year I would take pain killers if needed and walk. I have been walking 4km everyday ( feeling it terribly at night), but no pain killers. After reading your post i dug out the old WW stuff and am going to challenge myself as well.
    Thank -you


  13. I think you'll find this article from the NY Times on the 'new' Weightwatchers system very interesting:
    Click here: Because It Works –


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