Good grief! I almost spent some money!

Reminding myself that I have to keep a grip! I used to have fat days and thin days, now I just have fat days and sexy days. It’ll have to do. I almost lost my grip today and looked else where for an answer. I bought a local paper (first waste of money and I mustn’t do it again!) Secondly I read the rubbish and thirdly I reacted to an advert and contacted a health and fitness club and almost thought of going! It would have cost me £5.80 a week and I would have used it as a crutch for my own lack of will power. I have to sort out will power myself. I have it and I know when I use it, things go right, for example, I’m paying back debts. Weight loss is the same. I have all the old ‘diet club’ advice, I followed it before and I lost three stone. Going to the class did not make me lose the weight, I did! I need to sort out the rest of my self control. I need to follow the programme I did before and just stick to it!

Well, I am doing just that and it’s left me feeling that stupid guilt that I feel about money, by huge weight gain and not doing things for myself. Only I have the answer.

It’s amazing what blogs can do to remind you that you have the answers yourself! Firstly, I read Ilona’s blog at ‘Life after money ‘. I’ve met Ilona, she stayed with us last summer and she says it, lives and reaps the rewards of her frugal life. She travels, raises money for an animal charity, rambles, walks miles in the peace of her own company and is an all round positive person. Her blog today, reminded me, that it isn’t easy and that self discipline has its own rewards and they are sometimes delayed and they are never instant. Saving a few pennies here, there and anywhere will eventually pay off my debts.

I then read the fantastic blog Mennonite Girls can cook and their Sunday message of ‘bread for the journey’. There was the message I needed today and it said –
Hebrews 12:11 NIV

” No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have trained by it.” No recipe today, but certainly the nutrition I needed today.

My harvest and my peace will come, it’s in the distance and there’s a slow journey. I just need to make sure it’s a low calorie portion controlled one, which is also low in cost and can be batch cooked to make sure when I get there, I’m not dragging myself there but springing energetically!


12 thoughts on “Good grief! I almost spent some money!

  1. Thank you for your post today. It has really hit home. I have been toying with joining Rosemary Conley online as I need to lose weight and have done so there before.

    But why do I need it? I need to find the willpower myself. Why should I give anyone my money when I could use it better in other ways? Look forwatd to hearing how you get on.



  2. You are so right, we can get so caught up 'buying things' and 'joining up' that we have spent a wad of money before we realize it. And I agree we can manage most of these things by 'pulling up our socks' and using willpower! I enjoyed reading your post. I'll be back.
    Thank you for stopping by at mgcc.


  3. Do I need to put my boots on and come round to boot you up the a***? That would be free, and we could go walk the dogs afterwards!
    Joking apart – text me, pick up the phone, facebook message or just shout…I am always here for you, to help motivate you in whichever direction you need.
    Life gives us enough bats to beat ourselves up with, don't pick up other bats you don't need. Love FM X


  4. Cheers Foster Mummy! There are loads of things I can do for myself, I'm going to walk around the block each lunch time at work, it will take 15 minutes and it'll be one mile – five miles a week! I have all my old WW stuff and can stick to it! Just need to shake myself out of the cake doldrums because biscuits are not my friends!


  5. You always have a post that I need to hear. Especially this one. And my brother-in-law just had a knee replacement on Wednesday and the post-op isn't going as well as it should. If he had kept his weight off he probably would never have needed the surgery. Two reminders in the last four days, get the weight off!


  6. D'you know, I'm so pleased that you blogged about nearly spending money.
    I think of you as such an 'in control person', -and I assure you I do mean that in a very nice way:0) I'm envious of your self control, and your ability to pay back your debts so quickly.
    But the point is, YOU didn't spend the money, even though the temptation must have been immense to tempt you FQ:)
    Have a great week,
    Kindest regards,


  7. I used to be a fitness instructor and swore I'd never let myself put on excess weight. Then I became a full adult with a serious career and the pounds piled on. I did use a gym — and it was a good way to avoid responsibilty. You can procrastinate while spending time and money at the gym believing you need to be there because you paid for it.

    Now I walk and run with my dog. In the summer, we swim in the river together. I exercise and bond with here and keep fit. For free.

    I've lost 30 pounds since I got her! OK, so she wasn't cheap. But she was also the catalyst for us starting our first real savings account. I bet a health club can'd do as much for me as she does!


  8. I started my diet last May prompted by a previous warning from my GP about the possibility of Type 2 Diabetes – I thought at the time 'Big Deal!' until my son developed Type 1 and I realised I had a choice, he hadn't so decided to do something about it. Like you I had all the books from a previous weight loss campaign so with my head in the right gear (most important) I decided to follow them myself. 8 months down the line and 3.25 stones lighter I can honestly say that the best tool to achieving this has been writing down everything I put into my mouth in a daily food diary – I'm well into my third volume and still going strong – you can do it too – good luck!!!


  9. Frugal Queen, I stumbled on your blog this morning when I was checking Mennonite Girls can cook and I like how you are creative preparing meals and doing it as cheaply as is possible. Great job and I also peeked at your older posts and I admire your positive thought process.

    Congratulation for almost being debt free.

    I had posted a comment earlier this morning but it vanished in cyber space I think, so I'm sending another one… JB


  10. I read somewhere that 87% of folk who sign up for gyms have stopped going a year later.
    I have given up anything with sugar in it and no longer use butter. I am trying to make our portions slightly smaller too. Its hard in the cold weather and I always overeat a bit when I am tired.


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