Bulk cooking day made simple.

 I’ve heard it all. I would love to do what you do but I can’t store bulk cooking. I would love to but I don’t have the right equipment. I would love to but I don’t have time. I usually cook and then some for later. I do this so I have the oven full, on the once and then I just reheat, either in the mini-oven or the microwave. This makes sure I not only save the planet but money too. My electric slicer came from Argos many years ago. It was about £15 but I use it and use it. Today, I defrosted and cooked a boned and rolled shoulder of pork and by slicing it thinly, made four meals out of it.

 My ‘tupperware’ came from the Salvation Army shop and the pots, of which I have ten, were 25p each. They have been worth every penny I spent on them as I use them over and  over again. I also added a good portion of gravy into each ‘serving’ and there’s more than enough for two people. Time? Two seconds to get it into the oven and about ten minutes to slice it and dish it up into potions for a later date.

 I don’t have a huge chest freezer. There are only the two of us. Here is the bottom of ours and it contains: turkey and veggies pie, fish pie, two portions of roast pork and gravy. Time again? Seconds and costs minimal. The effort was a delight!

 We had spicy spinach and coconut soup for lunch and I made enough for another day. There are three ladle’s full in each ‘marg tub’, which is enough for the two of us for either a snack or a starter, or even a full size working lunch for one. It reuses the marg tubs (which I never throw away and always reuse some how).

 Here again, dispels the myth of bulk cooking as being expensive, difficult or time consuming. Allow to cool before putting in a plastic tub and pop straight into the freezer. There is nothing like having something easy to reheat to hand, after a really busy day at work. I know I could open a tin, but I know exactly what goes into my food and I like to keep it simple.

 Here they are taking up no room at all in my very small, three drawer fridge freezer. Nothing special but very cheap, highly nutritious and delicious.

 Finally, if I have the oven on, I fill it up. I didn’t just defrost the pork joint, but also the chicken I had in the freezer. Both were roasted at the same time. I like to over cook chicken, allow it to cool and then strip every last piece of meat off by hand. I now have three meals from one chicken, all bagged up and all are now happily tucked into my freezer and ready for stir fries, pies or to go in salads for lunch or a light supper.

Frugal cooking is not just about using ingredients creatively and making everything go a long way, but using energy and time efficiently too.


11 thoughts on “Bulk cooking day made simple.

  1. Fab, I do the same thing, it makes so much snese and like you siad it doesn not take much time at all , just a few extra minutes, and saves time and hungry tummies in the long run


  2. But DO label things clearly before you put them in the freezer [and keep a list somewhere else as well in case labels fall off] otherwise one pot of frozen goop looks much like another!
    But I am with you all the way on this one.


  3. Hi Angela – why spoil the fun? sometimes I forget what's in the pie – it's just meat and two veg as far as I'm concerned and it's either soup or sauce and both will double up for the other! Dining then becomes an adventure!


  4. Yup, I also do this. I label each container….just the name on sticky tape, no need for anything fancy. I also keep a list of everything in the freezer. I do not have a mini oven so each meal (including accompanying dishes) is either all stove top or all oven.
    Jane x
    Not sure if that makes sense… the way I wrote it!


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