Today is cancelled until further notice!

 Last night, I cooked supper whilst feeling extreme fatigue. First day of term drained me and was full of incidents, which although they didn’t phase me at the time, left me feeling shell shocked. By seven o’clock in the evening, I couldn’t stand up right any longer and had to go to bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay there and wore the hall way carpet out going back and forth to the lav and was sick for the rest of the night. I knew I wasn’t well when DB had to take me as I had temporarily lost my sight and balance to a migraine. It was an eventful night. I resisted the codeine until DB couldn’t stand the fact that I was crying in my sleep!!!! I eventually woke up, after initially going to bed as seven at three o’clock this afternoon!!! Where did that day go?

Some food will often provoke a migraine, and it isn’t the same food and sometimes some food will give me a migraine, and sometimes it won’t! If there were any rhyme or reason, then I could avoid triggers, but there doesn’t seem to be any way.

Back to last night’s supper. I used one bag of Quorn mince, (on offer at £1 a bag in Tesco) and made chilli con quorne! I made potato wedges and had some much reduced coleslaw. By all accounts, Dearly Beloved said it was delicious but mine is in the freezer to eat when I feel well again! I’m rather partial to chilli and chips so it was a pity to miss it, but I slept through supper……and breakfast………and lunch!


15 thoughts on “Today is cancelled until further notice!

  1. Hi I am like you and only get then every blue moon my doctor didnt want to put me on anything daily as they are very infrequent so he gave me a tablet which I only take when one occurs but the down side is it makes me sleep between 24 and 36 hours lol


  2. Sorry to hear that you had a migraine, I thought I was going to have one today, not had one for ages, but thankfully it did not develop. I could be in bed for a week with migraine at one time, those days are long gone.


  3. Hope you are soon feeling better. I have suffered ocassional migrane since I was expecting my daughter 21 years ago. I never found a food trigger, but stress/tiredness was usually a factor, and I think some kind of hormonal interferrance. It is so frustrating never knowing when and where these attacks are likely to happen. Take care, at least it's the weekend use some time to recover properly.


  4. Oh dear, you poor love. So sorry to hear that you've had one of your migraines. Hope you are feeling a bit more human now. At least you have the weekend to get over it. I normally feel 'strange' for a couple of days after each episode. Take care. Sue x x x


  5. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time with migraines. Thankfully mine are nowhere near as frequent as they used to be. My trigger was hormonal though, it's not always food that triggers the horrible things. Hope you feel better soon.


  6. Maybe one of these days the doctors will be able to take a blood sample and find the specific trigger!! It just all seems so random. And stress! How can a person stop that? Quit your job and move to a desert island?
    Hope by the time you are reading this you are feeling your old self!


  7. I used to suffer with terrible migraines until my dentist made me a mouth guard. When I'm stressed, I grind my teeth in my sleep – the guard prevents this. I haven't had a migraine for over 20 years. I find the mouth guard comfy – but it doesn't do much for your love life! SueXX


  8. Hi Froog – Try Migraleve – it is only codeine and paracetamol but it has an anti-nausea ingredient. If you just want that and not the pain relief you can get Buccastem over-the-counter which you just let dissolve high up on your gumline. This from someone who HATES taking any kind of medication 🙂

    Hope you're feeling much better (I have hormone-related migrs – boo!).


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