Making a little go a long way.

 Here’s how I made a little go a long way. I baked four bread rolls, two for our supper tonight and two for our lunches tomorrow. (I have already made Dearly Beloved’s cheese and tomato sandwich for tomorrow.) I also cooked some frozen broccoli and cauliflower, put it in a dish, covered with cheese sauce (still using up the Coleman’s three for a pound specials!) I sliced two tomatoes, put them on top and sprinkled two tablespoons of grated cheese (last remnants of Christmas food) and cooked that for 20 minutes in the mini-oven, putting the bread rolls in for the last five minutes.

 The end result!

I had some lentil and vegetable soup in the freezer, I microwaved it in a pudding basin with a spoonful of Thai curry paste and a sachet of creamed coconut. So it became spicy Thai red lentil soup. It was fab, along with a bread roll and some cheesy veg. I have cheesy veg and a bread roll to take to work tomorrow so savings all round. I’m wondering how cheap I can be tomorrow?


12 thoughts on “Making a little go a long way.

  1. Some years ago, OH had been working in s garden he looked after, I was desperate to find him something hot for supper. I had come cauliflower and brocolli, cooked it in the microwave for 6 minutes, made some cheese sauce and poured it over the top and topped that with grated breadcrumbs mixed with a little cheese. Baked in the oven for around 45 minutes at the same time I cooked 2 jacket spuds and 3 tomato's in a dish sprinkled with salt and basil, drizzled olive oil over, covered with foil and baked at the same time as the spuds and gratin. It has becime a firm favourite in our house. Its a good way of using up cauliflower and brocilli thats left over.


  2. Hello this looks very appetizing. It makes me hungry. I have been reading your posts and I understand trying to pay bills and make life comfortable. I do not require a lot but things are getting very expensive. I live in Canada and the electricity and just living is increasing much faster than our wages. I like your blog I will be back. Thank you


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