Make do, mend and maintenance

 We’ve been working inside and outside the house today. Last night, Dearly Beloved got round to ‘Frankenhoover’ and took our working motor out of our old Dyson (electrical wire defunct and suction tube broken beyond repair), which funnily enough was also given to us over ten years ago and was second hand then. He transplanted the working motor into the Freecycled Dyson (perfect in every way but needed a new motor!) and now it works perfectly. So #1 of household maintenance (will you pleeeeeeaaaaaase fix the Dyson xxxx!) is done.

Above is a photo of the kitchen window and it at long last has a blind. We didn’t buy that either. It came from the bathroom of our old house and we took it with us and never got round to putting it up. The canvas photos of trees on either side used to be in our dining room and never really did anything to the room. I think they ‘add’ something to the kitchen. They are certainly not what I would choose and I would dearly love to go out and buy something to brighten the house up, but as we don’t have the money to spare; making doing will have to be the order of things for the years to come.

I also did some more garden maintenance today and cleaned up more fallen leaves, cut away a whole mile of sprawling ivy which had invaded the paths and swept most of the mulch, off the paths and back onto the borders. Our next job, is to go through the garage and have a look at all the paint, filler, sandpaper, brushes and any other resources we have, to see what we can use to clean the house up and keep on top of things.

I am determined to use up and wear out what I already have and get as many jobs done as possible without spending any money at all! I am also determined to not waste what I have and use every last scrap. Nothing spent and three jobs done.


10 thoughts on “Make do, mend and maintenance

  1. I think the tree picture is great – monochromatic and soothing in a small space – also echos the trees outside. Keep thing simple neutral and clean looking ( I was a realtor for 12 years and love “staging” houses in order to sell them) When you come to sell remove anything from the house that makes it look cluttered or crowded. If you can move out the couch from the living room and have two chairs instead (just while you are selling) shows more floor space.


  2. How satisying to resurrect the Dyson.
    In 2011 I am thinking of keeping a proper log of ALL that I make do and mend. Since 2004 I have kept a 'sewing logbook' listing the 'fabric' stuff I make/mend, but I think a general purpose log will be an encouragement on the days when frugality seems hard work.
    I have just made my new 2011 christmas cards from my old 2010 ones!
    happy new year


  3. I wish you and yours a happy 2011Frugal Queen, and I hope sincerely that you meet all of your goals.
    Best wishes to you and yours.

    PS I like your new layout, but unfortunately find white on black print hard to read(my age I'm afraid) so may pop in a lot less next year. Still wishing you the very best of luck though


  4. We got a dyson from a friend who got it from a pawnshop, cleaned it all up, then found a better one on trade me and sold the first one on cheaply. Score for me…. Loving it.
    Now, how to shampoo all the carpets cheaply! Guessing local hire a rug doctor the best option.

    After massive garden effort yesterday, painting windows and doors next on my list too… So as we cleaned out the garage two days ago, I can now sort through the cans of paint and see what we can use. Very satisfying!
    Have a good start to your new year…. 1/1/11 today.
    That certainly sounds like a good date for a new start.


  5. I've been deep cleaning about the house today too, scrubbing baseboards, decluttering, cleaning everything that gets neglected in a quick daily clean.

    It was great you were able to fix the Dyson. You reminded me of the toaster my dad gave me several years ago. Every few months I open it up and clean it out with a pastry brush. My nephew was visiting and recognized it. He said, “Did Grandpa give you one of those toasters too? We had one but we threw it out years ago.” Regular maintenance saves a lot of money.


  6. Happy 1/1/11 FQ:)
    Several of the built-in appliances in our new house were dangerous and beyond saving. Some went to Freecycle. We've replaced with new items mostly, a new phenomena for me (not always my choice, takes two committed to THE CAUSE to be truly frugal). Very difficult to make purchase decisions with competing priorities – 'A' rated, eco-options, within budget, fit(!), function, and appearance. I'm viewing the new arrivals with a keen eye now…got to keep them clean and functioning, without using chemicals of course, and timely and effective maintenance to extend life. At our age, with a bit of luck, the shiny new ones will outlast us! Memo to self…update my Will;)


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