Maintenance saves money!

 Dearly Beloved and I have been getting on with MY new year’s resolution (I am so kind sharing it with him xx!) to make sure we keep up with maintenance and do one job a week, no matter how small, to keep our home in good order. Although I live in a detached house, we are quite tight to the boundaries on either sides of the house and we neglect those areas; they tend to be wild and messy and I am going to look after all areas of my home. It will save money in the long run as I will keep it in order.

 Today I started by cleaning up all the winter leaves that have blown here in the storms. They are now in a compost bin and being turned into mulch.

 I scrubbed the steps with hot soapy water. Everything gets covered in green algae when you live in a densely wooded area, we’re surrounded by trees, which are beautiful but keep the light out. So paths, steps, fascias, window sills go green and there is no alternative but to scrub away with the hot soapy water and then rinse off afterwards. I washed down the exterior of the utility room and cleaned the windows outside, the door frames and the canopy over the back door. My arms are aching from stretching and scrubbing and my hands are sore from the hot water, but strangely I feel really satisfied at my simple endeavours.

It’s also vitally important to clear out drains, gutters and areas that could flood, gather mould or attract vermin. These jobs need doing monthly and will work your muscles in a way the gym never could. There is also something cathartic about having a clean house and garden (that may be unique to me!) Clean and tidy home equals a clean and tidy psyche for me; in fact, order equals sanity. We were in the garden for just over an hour today and now I’m off to find some indoor maintenance to do. If only I could decide, which of the seventeen jobs must be done first?


8 thoughts on “Maintenance saves money!

  1. We had a financial painful reminder about the importance of maintenance earlier this month – a boiler repair cost us nearly £300 because we'd neglected a tiny leak & not had it serviced when we moved in (it would have cost £90 for a service & that leak repair). Grr!

    As for cleaning, we try to strike a balance between cleaning unnecessarily often and cleaning regularly enough that we don't need to use harsh (expensive) chemicals.

    I'm inspired by your garden activity today – I should get out there and tidy too — it just seems less appealing a few hundred miles further north!


  2. I did just the same thing with my house – I spent two years going over it with a tooth-comb regrouting replacing a cracked tile here and there repairing any spots of water damage on the ceilings and woodwork – painting the insides of cupboards etc. There was nt much but in the end there was nothing that a potential buyer could find wrong. All the windows were sparking. One tip when you show a house – before the buyers arrive turn every light and lamp on even if it is day-time – it is worth it.
    I sold my house in five days !


  3. You're so right about maintenance saving money and it's [I find it!]harder to keep on top of things in the winter however you;ve inspired me..tomorrow I'm in the garden!



  4. Oh my gosh!! I have to put yard maintenance on my list! Never thought of that. And you are so right about getting to it now and not waiting till spring. I have a big yard and usually I leave it all to my husband, but I really should do my share. Thanks for the eye opener!


  5. Clean house, tidy garden AND a shiny new look to your blog, what are you? WONDERWOMAN?
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the ups and the downs. Happy New Year to you both xx


  6. We think alike 🙂
    I spent the day sweeping the last of the fallen leaves, putting the flower pots away in the potting shed, and a general tidy up all throughout.
    I admire your consistent “green effort”, you do indeed make a difference in the way you live.
    I hope to follow your lead.
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year, and hope to visit with you in the coming year.


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