Over for another year!

I’ve been good this year! I’ve not shut myself in my room and cried or told anyone to go forth and multiply. I’ve managed two whole days of being civil, friendly and I’ve been the perfect hostess. I appreciated Christmas being at the weekend and feel, that like Easter, we should move it each year to a convenient weekend. Just a thought, my own, no one needs to agree.

Now I feel a lot brighter as I don’t enjoy Christmas and can start looking forward to another year. I’ve already started thinking of the resolutions I need to make. I need to keep paying off debts and not spending any money. I’ve managed this for more than a year and need to keep going with this forever more! It’s the only way. I have other areas of my life that I need to get under control and keep under control. So, what resolutions do you need to make? what do you need to change? I shall mull over this for a good few days and then choose one thing I can do to make my life better. What will yours be?


12 thoughts on “Over for another year!

  1. Yes please, can we move Easter to the second weekend in April.
    But not a weekend Christmas every year – it has made a lot of extra work for my beloved, as he has had to withdraw from family festivities to write still more sermons!!

    Here's to another year of frugality and not spending on trivia! Go to the Park, not to the Sales!


  2. I'm still mulling over my list of resolutions. But a few for sure–staying out of the stores, more daily organization, and think kind thoughts about all the other drivers out on the roads with me. Every time I want to go shopping I am going to sit down with a book and read for two hours-the amount of time I usually spend getting to and from the stores, and wandering around the isles in stores trying to find something to buy!
    Loved this post! You made me laugh. Christmas would be handy always being on a Saturday!


  3. Last year I read somewhere that “Resolutions should be about stopping something, not starting something”. So I stopped resisting exercise and have released 7kg of body clutter this year; in 2011 I will stop procrastinating – I have always claimed to be Queen of that!
    Cheers and thanks for a wonderful blog.
    Perth, Australia


  4. It has to be that I will be as Frugal as you. That i finish all my projects before starting another and tomake use of what I have before buying more – that should do it for starters.


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