Much more relaxed today

We dragged the 15 year old Christmas tree down from the loft. We then proceeded to have a jolly old time reminiscing at the where, whens and hows of the decorations. There were a few decs from our trip to France for my 40th birthday. Items we had bought in the January sales over the years. Nothing has been purchased in the last four years. The decorating is done. The fabric lid covers are on the jams and chutneys and weather permitting, I’ll be delivering homemade gifts to family tomorrow. After the few minutes we spend decorating the house, it was time to sample the homemade Sloe Gin……………if it wasn’t so nice; I might have had more to write.


9 thoughts on “Much more relaxed today

  1. Sounds a good day 🙂

    Our tree is celebrating its 15th birthday too – it still has one set of original decorations on it too.

    Oh sloe gin – thanks for the reminder – off to pour myself a glass.


  2. Ahhh, sounds like a much better day. I've only spent 50p in the charity shop on new Christmas decs this year. Also just been food shopping and was really good, just a few treats for the boys. We have family round for a buffet on Christmas eve but I've tried not to buy so much that it gets wasted as often happens. I heared one lady saying to her daughter ” I don't know why we buy all this ,we end up throwing half of it away” I expect most people do the same.
    Such a waste .
    Jacquie x


  3. Not allowing myself to touch the damson gin till Saturday!

    we think our tree was bought in 1990 – certainly it was before 1991
    and it is still fine!!

    is it wicked to admit I am ALREADY looking at the cards received and working out which ones are to be recycled for next year? I always make Christmas cards in the week AFTER christmas whilst I still feel festive and I have a load of suitable material to hand.


  4. I have just found your blog via Mean Queen`s.

    I recently took early retirement ( from teaching) and it is so satisfying to have the time to make things from scratch, to have time to shop more carefully and to relearn old craft skills that I haven`t used for years.

    My son lives in the Tamar Valley so I look forward to seeing your photos of your beautiful county.

    Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a well earned holiday from school!


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