Stop the ride – I want to get off!

 After watching an episode of ‘Ice Road Truckers’ I decided that I would try driving on the ice myself and was fine once I had made it off the estate where I live; onto the treated roads. Beyond my drive way, the world seemed so normal. Well, normal until I ventured inside the local Tesco. Firstly, Tesco is now being run by Dick Turpin and since last week, veg prices have almost doubled. None of the bread or dairy offers are around and everything was really expensive. Their ‘value’ range has disappeared, which has meant I had to pay full price for a lot of items.

Also, people all seemed to have adopted alcoholism as their hubris of choice. Trollies clanked their way around the shop with hostile, half crazed people pushing them (probably in discomfort, due to having to sober up to go shopping!) As I carefully made my way through the store, buying my usual, plus a few nice things such as satsumas and grapes (those are a REAL treat on my limited budget!) everyone else seemed to be hell bent on killing themselves with the contents of their trollies! Enough! Stop! I want to get off!

I am really looking forward to a family meal on Saturday and hopefully a brisk walk after lunch. I have probably spent £50 on Christmas……….after my experience today; I think most people in my locale spent that on cheese!!!


10 thoughts on “Stop the ride – I want to get off!

  1. I know, I ventured out to costco and Lidl today and it was like people were feeding the 5 thousand, especially in costco, and most of it will go to waste, i have done that before. I must say i have spent money on alcohol this year when on offer, but most of it will last me a few years, I only just finished a bottle of baileys from 2 christmas's ago lol. I dont get how people equate Christmas with getting blind drunk, and spendign a fortune on food stuffs, they dont need, but feel they have to buy becasue that is what “we do”


  2. It never ceases to amaze me the amount that people put in their trollies, half of it will be thrown away and they will all be back when the shops open again doing it all again.

    You are lucky you get Tesco value stuff, neither of our local Tesco's have the full range, there were lots of things I used to buy, so we go without. I have started to make some of the things myself, ie coleslaw using hm mayonnaise.


  3. Yup… The world has gone mad.

    I'm pleased to say that I'll be working on Christmas Day and avoiding most of the excess.

    (I'm not a Frugalite, but Christmas dinner will almost certainly be soup)


  4. I venture forth yesterday…Tesco..crazy, crazy place!
    Like you said..trolly loads of booze and chocolate.
    Mind you the junky stuff seemed cheaper than the nice fresh veg… I too treated us to some satsumas and grapes(value grapes… prices were through the roof!).
    Managed to spend £100 on nothing special – 1/2 bottle of whisky for the milkman, and 6 £1 selection boxes, the rest was everyday stuff, bit of bacon, eggs, veg and baking stuff…they have really hiked their prices up.

    Vicky x


  5. Our frugal xmas shopping cost £67!! It helps being vegan, but I've also planned very careful nutritious meal as usual, and we have a couple of treats: “pure” soya soft cheese to stir into pasta; a £1 scented candle (must have a go at making these for next christmas!!);and some oat cream to make into ice cream – yum!! Looking forward to being fat and full and enjoying every calorie. X


  6. I am also with you on this one. OH and I had to pop into our local Asda for some nappy bags and found it much the same. I must say though I am impressed with how much stuff they seem to pack into one trolley, they are like mini mountains being carted around the store.
    x x x


  7. “Ice Road Truckers”! I have a friend that lives up in Whitehorse, Yukon, that KNOWS one of those guys. Said he is a great guy, but for the life of me, I can't remember his name. He wasn't one of the regulars. I can't imagine driving in all that ice and snow. You are a brave lady!!
    I got a 5 lb. box of satsumas for $5, which is good. There are lots of good buys around for the holidays. The stores are trying to get us in through their doors.
    We are having taco salad for Christmas Eve dinner. Keeping it light because if I don't no one will eat much.


  8. Yup – th eworld has gone mad – it never ceases to amaze me that everyone seems to feel they “need” trolleyfulls of non essentials. It's only one day – there are no extra days in the week at this time of year, so why do people feel the need to stock up enough food etc to see them through a month? My mam used to be like that – two or three types of meat, and a choice of four or five pusds then wondering why there was loads of waste!!! Madness. xxx


  9. Hi Tana – The snow has frozen on our small roads and turned into ice, not quite the Yukon, but scary to drive on. The pagan tradition here is to have the mid-winter yule/saturnalia/pagan feast! noting to do with christmas so all about excess! we have a big roast dinner on christmas day, with three courses and dessert and wine…..then we/I don't eat the next day, what will you eat on Christmas day Tana?


  10. Hi! The big meal in our family is Christmas Eve. This year is going to be “lite” because everyone is eating differently now. I used to make a roast but not anymore! Then Christmas morning I do brunch. It will be cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and sausage, fruit juice and tea. We aren't coffee drinkers and I grew up in Seattle! Then the rest of the day will be leftovers. It doesn't sound classy, does it? But then we won't be stuffed to the gills and the leftovers will be gone. I won't be throwing out anything. Just wish we had one of your beautiful cakes!


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