Take a walk with me!

 I have felt shut in and was glad of the clear weather to get out and walk. I feel so refreshed now.

 I’m not used to snow and ice so it just mesmerises me!

 There is just something extraordinarily beautiful about it.

 It’s so unusual to see no trace of the road, to see no cars.

 No body is out and about, I saw only one or two people.

 Hardly any roads have been salted, no snow ploughs around here. The snow will stay where it falls until it melts

I’m hoping it will melt so I can get to deliver presents to people.


5 thoughts on “Take a walk with me!

  1. Hello!
    Thanks for sharing these photographs, they are so pretty. I love looking at snow, but I don't enjoy being in it.
    Thanks also for commenting on SIBOL, very nice of you to leave such wonderful words.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this project this year, and it's been so worthwhile.
    Hugs and Love Suex
    Have a wonderful Christmas !x


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