Let it snow!

 We’ve had a little bit more snow, which in itself is not a problem. However, where ever anyone has walked or driven, it has compacted into at least an inch of solid ice. Nothing can stop on it, people are falling over and the only vehicles that can make it safely are tractors. There were no cars in Liskeard’s main car park, except those that have been abandoned and a couple of tractors

We called on our neighbour before we left, but he didn’t need anything. We only went out at all because I’m making marmalade and wanted some sugar.

 The picture above is of the solid ice. Some people are managing to move around the back roads with four wheel drive vehicles, however, they are still unable to stop unless they are travelling no faster than walking speed!

 I’m sure anyone reading this, who gets snow, year in year out, will think this is nothing. But! I’m 45 and this is only the second snowfall, where snow has settled and stayed in the last twenty years of my memory. Normally, the worst weather we get here, is frost. The council only puts salt/grit on the main roads and the rest get nothing at all. I’m not complaining as I can get any where I need to get on foot or by train. It’s not that easy for some people to get around and they will have to wait until the ice has melted, and the warmer weather should return tomorrow.

I bought the sugar (79p a kilo! what a bargain!) and made nine jars of lemon marmalade. I’m making the orange marmalade later today. So, it can snow. I’m in doors, wrapped up warm, making marmalade.


5 thoughts on “Let it snow!

  1. Marmalade looks great. Just made my date and orange cake, which uses marmalade – I shall post the recipe shortly!!


    [one friend at church this morning with broken wrist]


  2. As you mention this is more common especially up in the north here.

    What has changed is peoples lifestyles and attitudes. 20 years ago everything didn't have to happen now and it seems to me that people don't go and help one another anymore.

    I don't have any elderly neighbours but I would be checking on them if I did.


  3. Our local “Poundland” shop does 1 1/2 kilos of sugar for a pound so you might like to see if you have a similar deal in a shop near you? Enjoying all the blogs as new today and going back through your tips and comments to see what I can pinch for my new years challenge!


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