Christmas on a very tight budget.

I had egg yolks left from yesterday cake icing, so I made a bread and butter pudding, I had brown sugar left from when I made the mincemeat earlier in the year. I don’t waste anything!

 I have one week to get ready for Christmas. I have a lot to make and do. I made some ‘savouries’ for the freezer. The puff pastry was being given away for 25p in the Co op this morning, so I bagged some. I chopped and fried: a pack of streaky bacon, an onion, a yellow pepper and finely diced two large potatoes. I added them all to the pastry and added grated strong Cheddar cheese and formed them into pasties. I serve them cut into three with drinks for people to nibble on, Christmas evening if anyone wants any more. I will freeze them in readiness. I’m also experimenting with desserts. I have a pudding, but not everyone (well actually I am the only person who like it!) and I found a recipe for posh bread and butter pudding. You only use egg yolks in the custard, use soft brown sugar, you can buy dried cranberries, which I shall try and find.

 I wrapped the cakes I am going to give as gifts. Wrapped a blue velvet ribbon around them, covered in cellophane and added a tinselly flourish. The largest cakes have worked out, including wrapping at £5 each. There is of course, no cost for my time, that was given freely and gladly for the people I care about.

 I may have problems getting to people this year, but when I do, it’s going to be a joy to give everyone homemade gifts. I hate ‘commercialism’ and love to make things for people instead.

Homemade gifts, ready to distribute.

9 thoughts on “Christmas on a very tight budget.

  1. Whatever happened to those shops where all dried goods were loose and you could help yourself to as much or little as you needed.. they were great. I was just thinking about dried cranberries..I imagine they are quite expensive and if they come in small packets, or do you have to buy a whole great bagful!
    Cranberries do sound nice and Christmassy…. and that bread and butter sounds just so scrumptious!

    Vicky x


  2. i love bread and butter pud. your cakes look really lovely. i havent iced mine as 90% of family are diabetic, cake is enough on its own, but boy does royal icing look good with the silver and blue, very posh like.
    random….did you know posh meant
    port out, starboard home!! as in can afford a cabin on both sides of a ship so as to wave to family both leaving and coming home from abroad. of course you did, youre english and a teacher!!


  3. it's too commercialised. It's got nothing really to do with presents – it's a time to celebrate with families and make contact with those you care about yet may not have seen for a very long time.

    Money may be tight, but sounds though you will still eat like kings 🙂


  4. Over the course of today I've read the whole of your blog and it's so inspiring.
    We are on a spending diet in 2011 and are in a similar situation to the one you were in, we need to sell our large house and move to a smaller cheaper one this year. However, we will be doing it with 2 toddlers and a baby in tow.
    I've really enjoyed reading this blog and will keep my eyes peeled for updates x


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