Winter salad

 Take one Romaine lettuce out of the bottom of the fridge………almost a month ‘out of date’ but I assure you, there was nothing wrong with it! Take off any limp leaves and finely shred the rest. Whilst you’re doing that, put a pan on to boil, when boiling add some reduced price skinny green beans! I would never pay the full £1 for a pack of beans!

 Open a tin of sweetcorn, drain and tip into bowl along with the Romaine lettuce. Add a chopped pack of Feta-ish cheese – Lidl just call if ‘salad cheese’ and it’s about 80p!

 I made my usual salad dressing. 3 parts olive oil, 1 part cider vinegar, one spoon of Dijon mustard, one spoon soy sauce and squirt of squeezy lemon juice, you can add salt but the cheese is salty enough for us.

One huge bowl of salad each. It’s winter and we need the ‘greens’ to stave off illness!


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