Making Christmas presents

 I rolled out the shop bought marzipan.

 Brushed the cakes with homemade crab apple jelly – add a little water, heat in a pan and brush over. It sticks the marzipan to the cakes.

 Roll out marzipan, smooth down with your hands so it sticks well.

 Made the royal icing with 2.5 lbs of icing sugar, the whites of six eggs and a tablespoon of glycerine. It means the icing hardens on the outside, but remains softer underneath. It then does not crumble when you eat it.

 I mixed it up in the Kenwood, but it’s easy to do by hand.

 I employ the slap it on and smooth it out – ish method of cake icing.

 You will need a pallet knife, keep wetting it in hot water an keep smoothing and spreading until you’ve got it how you like it.

 Keep turning the cake and work away from you.

 They don’t look too bad once they’re done.

Here are the four final cakes. I have some wide ribbons to go around the cakes and I’ll wrap them for gifts. All decorated in under two hours. The oblong one was decorated by Dearly Beloved, who did a much better job than I did. I hope the recipients enjoy them. xx


7 thoughts on “Making Christmas presents

  1. These look really good. I love the way that sort of icing settles into a smooth surface as it dries. When I give cakes as gifts
    I make card circles from cereal boxes, and cover them with tinfoil – much cheaper than 'cakeboards'

    I hope you post a picture of them all be-ribboned and ready for delivery!!


  2. They all look delicious, and even more so when they are finished in their ribbon finery.
    My gran owned a confectioners shop and bakery over thirty odd years, making the Christmas cakes and petit fours, was always an enjoyable and festive time.
    Wondering if they will have little fruited leaves and berries on them ?


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